Roman POV

I stare at the beautiful girl in front of me carrying my babies as she sleep peacefully.

She deserves better than me, I mean I fucked everything in sight the first few months she was pregnant including her own sister. I was basically on a binge, I don't think there was a moment I was really sober.

I carefully get out of bed trying not to wake her.

I shower and change into some sweats and a wife beater.

I sit on the couch and put my feet up on the coffee table with my head on the back of the couch. How could I have ruined to two sisters relationship? How can she still love me after all I did to her?

I'm nothing but a fuck up.

"What are you doing out here?" I hear her soft voice coming from behind me.

"I couldn't sleep." I gesture for her to come and sit next to me.

She lays in-between my legs with her head on my chest and I wrap my arms around her.

"I have a question for you." I say.


"Did you forgive me for everything I did?" I asked.

"Not everything, but I'm getting there." She sighs.

"Are you sure about that?" I questioned.

"Yes, I'm sure. Listen you have to understand that forgiving you completely is going to take some time." She whispers.

"I know. I'm grateful that you decided to give me another chance when I don't even deserve one." I lean my forehead against the back of her head.

We eventually nod off like that. In each other's arms, the way god intended.

Polly POV

I wake up in the bed alone with a note resting on Roman's pillow.

It read "Went to the clubhouse, be back later tonight.

Love, Roman"

I got out of bed and got dressed after I showered.

I made me some waffles and bacon for breakfast.

I sat on the couch with my computer working on Kiley's floorplans when the doorbell ranged.

I get up and answered on to see a gun waved in my face.

"It's because of you I'm kicked out of the clubhouse. It's because of you that Roman ignores the facts that we're soulmates. Everything is your FAULT!" She sneers putting the gun to my temple. She looks down at my protruding stomach and I see an evil glint go through her eyes.

"You don't deserve to carry Roman's seed in you. You don't deserve to have his babies."

"And you do?" I snapped.

"You damn right I do. I love him and he'll love me." She smiles clearly delusional.

She moves the gun and aims it towards my stomach.

"Please, no. Please don't do this." I beg tears threatening to fall.

She just smiles menacingly as she pulled the trigger filling the house with a loud bang.

I fall to the ground clutching my stomach felling the wetness seep through my shirt. There's nothing but a loud ringing noise filling my ears blocking out anything on the outside world.

In the distance I hear the muffled sound of someone's voice as I black spots cloud my vision.


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