I woke up naked on the couch and on top of Roman.

I get up careful not to wake him and I limped to take a shower. Damn he was rough last night and I loved it actually.

I didn't know you can limp just from sex.

I take a nice and long shower.

I step out and looked at myself in the mirror and my mouth dropped.

I have multiple hickies on my neck, shoulder blade, and on my tits. I turn around and there's literal hand prints still on my ass, how hard did he smack my cheeks? There's also finger prints on the back of my thighs, hips, and on the side of my stomach. I never been the one to bruised easily but I guess I do when it comes to him.

I shake my head and walk out to wake him up to show him his handiwork. 

"Babe, ready for a round five." He smirks without opening his eyes.

I didn't say anything which made him open his eyes. He looks me up and down and he smirks like he's looking at a masterpiece. 

"You see what you did?" I turned around to show him the hand prints on my ass and this dickhead had the balls to smack my ass again.

"Are you kidding me?" I screeched.

"Nope. I'm proud of my work especially the hand prints on that pretty little ass of yours." He winks sitting up.

"You're an ass." I walked to the bedroom. 

Little did I know he was behind me until he pushes me on bed and has he face in between my legs and his mouth on my area.

I arched my back gripping the sheets and moaning uncontrollably. He flicks my clit which causes me to gasp and curl my toes.

Then he added two fingers which made me sit up and grip his hair to pull him closer to my core.

He finds the spot and that's when I started to scream moaning for him to not stop. While he's teasing my g-spot, his tongue his flicking my clit. 

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming." I started to scream while making eye contact with him.

"Cum." Was all he had to say for me to let completely go. I'm literally gripping his hair for dear life while I'm cumming.

I finally finished cumming after what seem like a damn century. He had pulled his fingers out but he was still licking me and I was so damn sensitive that I was trying to pull away but he had his arms wrapped around my thighs so I couldn't go anywhere. I tried closing my legs, this sensation was just too much and pretty soon he had screaming "I'm cumming." 

After that second orgasm, he gets up and kisses me on the lips. I don't why but I love tasting myself on his lips.

I push him onto his back and I was kneeling in between his leg when his perfectly erect cock awaits for attention.

I smirked up at him as I started to stroke his cock and he closes his eyes. I see pre cum dribbling out the tip and I swipe my tongue across the tip tasting his cum. 

I tease him by just sucking the tip while still stroking him. 

I eventually take all of him in his mouth while playing with his balls, when he reaches the back of my throat, his eyes shoots open and he looks down at me. I decided to tease him and take him out of my mouth. I think he got turned on seeing my thick spit all over his dick and my chin because he threw his head back at the sight. 

I sucked his balls into my mouth still stroking him covered in my spit. I had him in my hands now.

I took him back in my mouth and played with his balls some more.

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