Chapter 16

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Roman POV

I was hanging around Storm, Ace, and Hunter. I was also keeping a close eye on Polly. She was talking to some of the old ladies.

"Surprised you let her out the house in that shirt." Hunter states.

"She wouldn't change it." I take a swig of my beer.

"And you took no for an answer? Oh you whipped." Ace laughs.

I just rolled my eyes as they all busted out laughing.

They can say whatever they want because its true. I love this girl so much that I'll be fucking depressed if she leaves me.

Polly POV

I feel Roman eyes on me as I'm talking to Kiley and Helena.

I don't look over at him though cause I'm afraid to be hypnotized by his eyes.

I swear everytime he looks at me, I get absolute butterflies in my stomach.

"We need to have just a girls day together and go shopping or a spa day." Helena suggests.

"That would be so dope." Kiley gushes and they both look at me.

"I'm in." I smile taking a sip of my drink.

Kiley grabs my wrist and we go sit down on the couch with Tawny and Julissa who was smoking weed.

Kiley takes it from Julissa and inhaled it.

She offers it to me and I take it being that I haven't smoked since I've been with Roman.

After I take my turn, I pass it to Helena. That's how the rest of the time went. Talking and puffing.

"Hey, have you ever wondered when dogs think, do they think in bark or in words like humans?" Julissa asks.

We all paused in silence before we cracked up laughing in unison.

And that question alone confirms we're high.

I feel so good and relaxed right now like I just had some bomb ass sex.

Oh fuck, now I'm thinking about Roman's magnificent dick destroying my insides. This is new, I've never gotten horny from smoking weed before, maybe that was because I was virgin then.

I pull out my cell phone to text Roman.

I want some dick! 😏

He doesn't reply which pisses me off.

I'm horny and he doesn't care which makes me pout.

I huffed running my hand through my hair when I sense his eyes on me. I know its him because everytime  he looks at me, I feel butterflies.

I look up to find him standing by the front door, nodding his head telling me to come on.

"Hey guys, we're leaving, I'll see you guys later." I get up and walk over to him.

"Are you high?" He asked me.

"What gave it away?" I giggled grabbing his hand.

"How red your eyes are."

"You get my text?"

"Oh, I got it all right." He smirks.

"I've smoked weed many times and never got horny from it before."

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