Chapter Twelve

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Pic of Carter

Roman POV

I'm in a ball of nerves when I arrive at the hospital.

I'm praying that Polly and twins are okay. I will find out who did this and gut them like a fucking fish. That's a promise.

I arrive at Polly's room only to see some dude sitting outside covered in blood.

"Who are you?" I frown.

"I'm Carter. I'm the one who brought the girl in and I'm also your neighbor." He says.

"What are you still doing here?" I questioned.

"I may not know her but I wanted to make sure she's okay." He says standing.

"Did you see who shot her?" I asked.

He shakes his no, "I just heard the gun shot and made my way over there. I heard the tires screeching but whoever it was, was gone when I got there." He explains.

I just nod.

"Hi, are any of you related to Polly?" The doctor asks coming out in scrubs.

"I'm the father of her babies."

He pulls me to the side, out of Carter's earshot.

"She's doing great. Her vitals are stable." He's hesitant to continue.

"What about the babies?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, but the twins didn't make it. She's asking for you." The doctor smiles apologetically.

"Hey Polly." I greet when she enters the room.

"Hey." Her voice sounds dry.

"How are you?" I pull up a seat next to her bed.

"I've been better. Did they tell if the twins are okay?" She asked.

"They didn't make it." I said my eyes starting to cloud with unshed tears.

She breaks down crying and I stand to make room for myself on her hospital bed, cradling her to my chest.

"It was that skank you kicked out the clubhouse. She blamed me and said I didn't deserve to have your babies." She says all while she's crying.

"I will make sure she pays for this." I growl thinking of ways that bitch is going to pay.

~A Month Later~

"Are you sure you're okay being alone for a few hours?" I asked Polly.

"Yeah. I'm fine. I have to learn how to be by myself again." She gives me a weak smile.

"Call me if you need anything and I will come running." I cup her face in my hands giving her a lingering kiss. "I love you."

"I love you to, now go." She pushes me towards the door.

I leave and get on my bike.

"His royal highness returns." Blaze smirks giving me a man hug.

"How's Polly?" Dante asked.

"As good as good can be." I explain. "Any trace of Jade?" I asked.

"Yep. Right now she and what I assume is her getaway driver is staying at a motel." Ace says.

"So when do you want us to go get them?" Ryker asks.

"When its dark out tonight, I want you bring them in and chain them in the secret room. I can't stay that long, so just chain them standing up and I'm going to deal with them tomorrow." I say.

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