A happy family

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"Honey come help me me move these boxes!" Shouted Mom from upstairs as my sister,Monserrat, and I were playing with our dog,Cali.We had moved into a small town home in the outskirts of Valencia, California.We used to live in a Los Angeles until my dad had enough of the traffic. "A fresh start"  Mom had said but there was nothing fresh about our new house. I grabbed a box labeled dads office and took it there. Monserrat picked up another box and then Cali started growling at the tv. Monse and I ran to comfort her. The tv flickered on and became staticky which was disturbing because the t.v wasn't plugged in. I tried going inside and pulling her about but only my head went through.
Her face was pressed into the Tv screen, her eyes black , her body limp. A shadow like creature pressing her against the screen. My mom came downstairs at that moment and came to an abrupt stop when she saw her daughter's body. Running to the tv dropping everything, dad behind her. We tried getting her out. Fail. Fail. Fail. Mom is crying. Dad is screaming. Monse's limp body on the screen. Cali is scared. We're all scared. A message on the screen appears " You'll never get her back, one innocent soul, the price of living here." Mom is broken. So is dad. "My fault," I think. Tears rolling down like acid down my cheeks. Monserrat's body slowly fading from the screen.
Days pass , over 100 attempts to take her out of the tv. Failures. All of them. Mom doesn't eat. Dad doesn't talk. Cali no longer the happy dog she once was. Then, slowly a message appears on the screen. It's Monse! " Leave!! Now!! They're coming for you guys!" Then, slowly her face appeared on the screen. Her face full of worry. Mom tells her that she's never gonna leave her. Monse begs her to leave. Finally convincing her. We turn the car on. Ready to leave. "Mom!" I yell. No answer. Dad goes out to look for her. A ear shattering scream. "Dad!"
I scream for my dad as I run in to the house. "Mom?" I whisper. She's going into the tv. Her eyes slowly turning black, her body limp. Dad watches in horror. Mom is inside the tv now. Hugging Monse. Dads turn. Eyes black, muscles limp , entering the tv. He's hugging Monse and mom. "A happy family" they say in unison as they point at me to enter the tv. The shadow like creature behind them. "A happy family," I think as I crawl towards the tv. Muscles slowly less move-able, vision dimming. Cali following me inside.
In the tv is a family now. Not happy, but together. Watching those who move into the house. None lasting more than a month.

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