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"Stop yaar mukti. You look perfect. Stop with this drama and chal. We're already late. "

"No yaar. He wont even look at me. Dekh. Look at my tummy. Itna flab!"

"Like seriously?!", she was seriously getting on my nerves now! I mean she looked drop dead gorgeous in the white lehenga and fuschia choli that she wore but no, she had to fuss over that one inch of so called "flab" on her tummy! Ugh. One drama queen she was.

"listen. Aadhe ghante late hain hum. Please chal. I'll count till ten. Tu chali toh firm warna I'll lock you up here, FOREVER. and I mean it!" I said with my eyes full of anger. Although reluctantly, she finally agreed to step out of her room.

Mukti and I had been friends for 5 years now. She was getting married to Abhimanyu, her boyfriend from college days and she made sure, that all of us made it to her 8 day long big fat Indian wedding! I walked down the staircase along with Mukti and even though I hated to admit, but my eyes were searching for HIM. I hadn't seen him since morning and that was bothering me. It was Mukti's haldi function. I was dressed in a hot pink and orange lehenga, along with an off shoulder choli of the same colour, my hair curled and placed softly over one shoulder, leaving the other one bare. As we walked into the hall, I looked around and finally spotted him standing near a pillar, talking to Cabir. Everyone turned around to look at Mukti and just then, his gaze met mine. He stood there, gaping at me with his eyes wide open. He ogled at me from head to toe, as though trying to scrutinise a class ten student's math paper! Ugh. Why couldn't this guy just let me live in peace?! Why was he staring at me like that? Did i look that ugly? Did i look vulgar or cheap or what?! And in no time I had so many thoughts building up in my mind. I shrugged them off and started walking towards the lawn when I felt a sudden pull on my arms. And who else could it be?! It was my personal monster, MR. MANIK MALHOTRA! Ugh. What did he want now?
He came dangerously close to my face and muttered softly - "you look beautiful". I could literally feel his breath all over my face and that little mole over his lips were tempting me as fuck. I chided myself internally and ordered my brain to control itself. NO! YOU NEED TO HATE HIM. STOP LOSING IT YOU FOOL!
"Manik leave me"

"Stop fighting yourself. Accept it nandini, you love me."

"Huh!! High hopes Mr.Malhotra! I don't! Get that straight!"

"Acha seriously?"


"Are you sure? Soch lo?"


"Shit. I love you nandini!" And saying this, he slammed his lips on mine. No matter how hard I slapped his muscular arms, the monster didn't stop. He kept sucking in my lips, tasting every inch of it to the fullest and helpless, I finally gave in and let him do whatever he wanted to. After torturing them for a good 5 minutes, he finally pulled out and looked straight into my eyes with his signature smirk on his face. 

"Woh who's that guy you're dating? Haan...Dhruv! Does he kiss you like this?" I stood there still and didn't reply. No. No one could ever kiss me the way he did. Every move of his certified his need for me. These six months of separation had been equally painful for both of us. The mere thought of the times that we had stayed apart from each other, rekindled the unanswered desires in me. Just then, he again fused his lips with mine and kissed them gently. He pulled out again and this time it was me who spoke. I had to answer back. I just couldn't let him get an upper hand over me.

" Huh! Why? Doesn't that Alya kiss you enough?! Bolo?"

"Haan nai....she doesn't" he answered absent mindedly and suddenly he lifted his head up and his face fell flat on mine. He looked confused. I don't know why but I failed to decipher his expression. He kept looking at me with a blank face and I stood there dumb, sandwiched between the pillar and him. And out of nowhere, he broke into giggles. Like wait. Was he even sane?! He stated laughing like a maniac for no reason and I stood there like a fool trying to make something out of his stupid behaviour. "What alya? Ahahhaha....shit. I don't believe this! You're still jealous of her? Ahahaaha ! Shit. "

"I'm not jealous or anything okay?". Was he a lunatic?

"Seriously? You should actually look at your face right now. You could explode any moment. Now this will make me kiss your harder. " and he did it again. Like dude, those pair of lips that you're gulping in every now and then are mine and you just can't suck the life out them whenever you want. Ugh. Why was he doing this?!
"I'm not dating her" he spoke when he ran breathless.

"And you know why? Because...because.. I love you. " and he gently brushed his lips over mine and walked away with an evil grin over his face. 

And I stood there trying to gulp in whatever just happened. He was something ! This guy was seriously hazardous for health. Ughhh. !

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