CHAPTER #16- Back To The Grind

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Jay Paul's friends found out that Lisa was his official girlfriend, when they went together to a party. Some of the local girls that he had dated in the past, were disappointed and none to friendly.  That didn't stop Lisa from joking with the guys and being polite to the girls.  Media wouldn't know about them, because Jay Paul had to stay single for his TV ratings on Swamp People.  The only thing that really changed, was that he and Lisa spent more time together. They weren't just bed buddies any more, but when they were, it was more amazing than either had expected.  Both had mental blocks that hadn't allowed true release, until now.  Once they were comfortable being a couple and confirmed their commitment to each other, Jay Paul told Jaydin that Lisa now had a piece of his heart too.

"Is she going to be my second Mommy?"

Jay Paul was a bit surprised by the question and didn't really know how to answer his son. "It's a little too early to tell bro.  But we'll talk about that when the time comes."

Stacey winked at RJ when she heard her son's answer.  She whispered to her husband, "notice he said when and not if?"

"Don't read too much into it," RJ warned.

"I'm not, but I can always hope."

"Things are going to get a lot more complicated, before those two commit to anything that serious.  The next few months will test their resolve.  We have a bunch of appearances for the show, set up by Kee Tah Entertainment. Then bear hunting in Canada and Jay also has a few tournaments in between too. In May there's shrimping and then we're on Savage Outdoors hunting deer in Texas. Ashleigh couldn't handle Jay Paul's busy life."

"Ya, but Lisa's not like Ashleigh.  She's an old soul and is just as busy with her job as Jay is.  She has to take a course to stay up to date with her license and learn a few new techniques.  When Lisa can, she'll go with Jay Paul to his tournaments.  It will help prevent burnout, getting out of the office like that."

RJ sighed, "I guess we'll find out soon enough."

"I can't wait until gator season starts again," Stacey said.


"Because then my boys are always home for dinner," she smiled.

RJ kissed his wife. "Maybe I'll send Lisa out with Jay this new season, so you can keep me at home more."

"Do you think she'll still remember what he taught her last year?"

He smirked and she punched him in the arm, not needing to say anything.  They watched Lisa, Jaydin and their son. Both could see that a new little family was forming, but neither wanted to jinx it.  Jay Paul was a great influence on Lisa and since their declarations of love, she'd been a lot happier.  The weight that seemed to have settled on her shoulders after her father's death, was gone.

Just like RJ had told his wife, Jay Paul became very busy.  Lisa didn't notice his absence too much, until Jaydin mentioned it.  He missed his dad, because he couldn't go with him bear hunting in Canada.  So Lisa took the afternoon off work and they pretended she was a bear.  They used a paper towel roll and elastics, to fashion him a gun.  Jaydin had a blast.  She made him a bear paw cookie to take home as his hunting trophy. She took some video and pictures and sent it to Jay Paul.  It touched his heart and he promised to call his son that night.

** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~**~ ~ ~ ~ ~ **

When Jay Paul came back home to train for a tournament, he expected Lisa to make time for him.  She was swamped with clients and only had time when she was done work.  So they had their first fight. Lisa wouldn't back down and Jay Paul thought she wasn't putting effort into their relationship.

"I don't tell you that you can't go to your tournaments, or go sign autographs or whatever.  So what gives you the right to tell me not to do my job?  I'm here or invite you over every evening when I'm done work, so don't tell me I'm not putting anything into us."  Lisa yelled back at Jay Paul.  She was so mad, she stomped her foot as she made her point.

"You know I don't control what Kee Tah Entertainment signs dad and I up for.  So when I am home, my time is precious!"  Jay Paul countered.

Lisa's eyes narrowed and her voice no longer was loud. She practically hissed, "and my time isn't important?"

Jay Paul realized he crossed the line, "that's not what I said. You're putting words in my mouth!"

"Whatever bro, I'm out of here."  Lisa slammed the door and left.  She got in her car and peeled out of Jay Paul's driveway.

He watched her leave and shook his head. "That's not how I wanted this evening to go," he muttered to himself.  Jay Paul didn't know if he should give her some space or go after her and apologize.  So he called his mom for advice.  After he explained what happened, she told him what to do.

"Give her an hour and then go to her house.  Apologize and explain to her that all you wanted was to spend as much time with her as you could, because you missed her so much.  Tell her that you'll help out at her clinic even, if that gets you time with her.  She'll compromise, it's who she is."

"I'd just be in the way at her clinic. Instead I'll offer to make her dinner," Jay Paul replied.  "Thank's mom."

"Any time Jay," Stacey said.

He hung up with his mom and checked his watch.  Since Lisa had left, it was just over an hour later. So now he'd go over to her house and plead his case. Jaydin was at Asleigh's, so he wouldn't need to rush home.  When he got to Lisa's house, her porch light was still on, so he knew she was awake.  He knocked on her door and waited for her to answer it.

"I'm done talking to you. Go away Jay," Lisa said when she saw who stood at her door.

He wouldn't give up.  "Just hear me out... can I come in?"

She stood aside and he came in. He waited until she closed the door and sat down on her couch.  He remained standing until she told him to sit.

"I'm sorry I got mad and that I gave you a double standard.  All I want is to spend every minute I'm home, with you and Jaydin.  Fighting is not the way I want to do that.  I'll make you dinner after you're done work, just so I can be around.... Lisa I've missed you so much."

Looking at him, searching his eyes, she saw his apology was genuine.  "Alright you're forgiven.  Just one thing, I don't tell you how to do your job or run your life, so don't tell me how to do mine."

He nodded in agreement and then took her into his arms, "you smell so good."

"I've missed being held in your arms," Lisa sighed.

"You know the best part about having our first fight?"

She grinned and winked, "make-up sex!"

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