Chapter 1

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"When I said I love humans; I meant all humans,not you specifically. Important detail."

"hmm." You hummed, hiding behind a wall on the roof top of a building,when your phone rang. You went to checked your messages as you continued to hear the conversation happening before you. You checked the time on your phone. "We finished earlier then I thought. I guess we really do have too much time on our hands."
The incident you were currently taking part of started a few hours back,but the events that led to it all began sometime ago.


Time before incident.

Would you like to disappear with me?

You snickered at the message on the computer screen. "Pshh,Orihara you're too damn good." You snickered once more. Izaya was on the sofa in the apartment smirking,while you were reading the email. "Ah yes,the girl we will be meeting soon. She plans on killing herself with "Nakura",since her father is having an affair. What's your thoughts on that?" He asked looking towards you.

You went serious for a moment, "It's pathetic." You stated blankly. You got up from his desk office chair and sat next to him,lying your head on his lap. He places his hand on your hair,smoothing it out. "Oh,_____-chan. What am a I going to do with you?" You sighed, "simple,let me do as I please and no one gets hurt."

Izaya began to chuckle at the comment, "You are my favorite human not to mention all mine." You blushed as he put infuses to the last words. Even though the plan was to take part in one of Izaya's scheme; where he messes with suicidal people,you couldn't help believe that the man you ended up with was none other then Izaya Orihara himself.

You sat up and faced Izaya as you sit on his lap, "Enough about the plan. Why don't we have some fun for a bit." You wrapped your arms around him as he held you closer. "Who would have thought you were so impatient" He smirked.

Flashback end

The start of the incident.

When the day finally came you were in a car with 3 other men ready to capture the girl Izaya had been messaging. You didn't find any interest in the men Izaya hired so you just stayed put at the passenger seat; attention to your phone,listening to music. "There coming." the driver said. The back of the van opened as you prepared to make the girl pass out. "Here we go." You moaned.

"Sorry to trick you like this doll face... Get in here!" You heard a girl struggling from the back seat and so you grab the girl along with the other 2 men. "Let me do it." You said unimpressed. The girl stopped trying to break free as you and the rest of the group relaxed. "Finally." You sat back down in the front seat. "Let's move on,I'll tell you were to go next." You told the captures. In the car you called Izaya letting him know the progress,

"Izaya we got the chick and I'll be meeting at the first check point in the abandon parking lot." You hung up on him before he could say a word. You soon arrived to your destination and moments later parked,waiting for the cue. "Hey,we're getting a smoke." One of the men told you. You looked out the window not caring whatsoever. "Fine,do whatever you want. Just don't get in my way once they're here." And with that you ended the conversation. They won't know what hit them,literally.

Once you arrived you stepped out of the car while the rest took out a smoke. "Want one?"

"Not mush of a smoker to be honest." You replied without look off your phone.

Rubbing their hand behind there head they continued to wait when suddenly a black bike appeared sounding like a horse. This was the cue. So you watched as the transporter you were told to wait for,beat up on the 3 men from before. You were impressed and watch in awe as the black figure finished the fight leading you both to a highway and 3 unconscious men.

She saw you looking down on her from above,you were hovering over a highway and smiled. "Well,look who it is. I guess he already told you I'd be here to see if everything went well." You jumped off the highway and landed in front of the transporter. You were about to start walking the opposite direction and wave back. "Send her to where we told you. Let me get a head start while your at it." The black rider began to type on their device.

What are you two planning? they typed.

You leaned in reading the message. "Nothing much,just curing boredom." You walked away getting heading for your final destination.

You were now in downtown Ikebukuro walking around and feel a presence near you. You dialed a number waited for them to answer. Two beeps in and they picked up.

"So, _____-chan,how'd it go? Are we ready to move on?"

"I'll be there in a few. But now that I have you on the phone,I can see you spying on me through the window." Few blocks away on a high floor of a building Izaya was grinning with binoculars in hand. "Wow,_____-chan! It's almost like you can see from long distances." Ignoring him you hung up.

You made it to the roof top enterence with Izaya already waiting for you. "_____,You're here. Glad to know I can count on you." Rolling yours eyes you looked around. You and Izaya were in front of a chained door making it difficult to get by. "Whatever,let me get the lock." Izaya leaned on the wall waiting for you to brake the chain. You had a gun in your back pocket but took out a bobby pin from your hair instead,you rather not make such a ruckus. "Done".

"It's amazing how you can come up with these things on the stop." Izaya complimented.

"Shut up." Entering you hid away as Izaya waited for the girl. Moments later she was finally there. Now at present time you saw Izaya speaking to the girl. "That kidnapping was arranged by yours truly." You smirked. "Such a troll." You commented. You continued to ease drop on the conversation taking place not too far from you. "Just because I love humans Doesn't mean I like you personally."

"When I said I love humans I meant all humans no you specifically,important detail." You shacked your head at this. How can he say that with a straight face and yet flirt with me later on. But I got to hand it to him,he's an amazing liar.

After finishing there conversation. He left,but not without calling the girl rude names and making fun of her for being so immature. You went out to see the girl more clearly. She looked as if she was about to jump from the roof. You smirked waiting for the outcome of the girls life. As she jumped you got closer leaning over the rail expecting her to be dead. Instead you saw as the Transporter help the girl by building a shadow fog for her to catch the victim. You were growing agitated. "tsk." You ticked.

"What a shame,we even took the time to set this whole thing up." Behind you,Izaya was leaning against you. He leaned into your ear and whispered, "Better luck next time." You huffed,not showing any signs of defeat. Beside Izaya,you looked over to him wondering what he was thinking. "And again she goes up and beyond." You heard him say. You walked away checking your phone for anything fun. "We should get going." You spoke. "But I agree,she is interesting."

Later that day the transporter came up to you and Izaya as the you two were walking home together. You leaned on a railing as Izaya took over. " So nobody told me you switched professions and became a defender of the innocent." You did't look up and ignored the two, "I didn't expect that see I thought I hired you for your skills as a courier."

She typed and asked, "Were the others who jumped also your fault? You look up and read as well; smirking at the statement. Izaya did the same. "No way,I'm Izaya Orihara the info broker,not some villain.

"Yeah right," you added. "Don't be mean _____-chan. Besides you fell for me didn't you?" He grinned,as always you were cold towards him. Soon the black rider left,leaving you and the madman you called Izaya,walk home once more.

Back at home you and Izaya took your jackets off and placed them on the rack. You then plopped yourself onto the sofa reading your messages from your [website you use], Izaya sat at his desk looking at his computer. You didn't realise till he called out to you. "_____,I need you to run an errand for me."

You knotted, "Sure what kind of errand are you ask about?"

"You heard of the Dollars haven't you?" Rolling your eyes you replied. "That website you and some random guy came up with and told me to join?"

"Yes that one."

"what of it?"

Tomorrow the "random guy" will be around Ikebukuro. He recently moved here and I need you to go check him out and see how he is."

"Sure,whats his name?"

Izaya smirked.

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