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Hey! Big news! Im having a collab with WinterUnicorm!! Yey! We are making a Jelsa fanfic! And read her book: Dear Jace! Lets get strated shall we!

Daniel's POV

I was beside Kath's Hospital bed. Wondering what would it be like to feel the presences of this beautiful creature. It would be strange if things would be like the old times.

Then I felt her hand twitched...
I immidietly said

"wake up my love... Pls!"

Then the heart beat goes:


"kath? Kath?!" i shoutted while wabbling her soft hand

"doctor!" i shouted from the chair near the bed!

Finally Doc meelo came with a bunch of nurses!

"sir pls step aside for a while" the nurse who bumped at me last time said

"but-" i tried to reach out to Kath" she needs me!"

Then they pushed me out to give way for kath to go to the emergency room!

"kath..." i said to myself "dont leave!"

After a few hours the gang came

"what happened? Is something wrong with my daughter?! Where is she!?" kathryn's Mom exclaimed

"bro what happened"enrique said

"how's Kathryn?" julia asked

I went silent

Then took a deep breath, and spoke

"her heartbeat stopped..."

"WHAT!!!?" they all said

"but- but, she has no malfuntion in her body system and it would be impossible to cause something about the failure of her heart! Does she have any fear Aunty?" Liza said and asked Kath's Mom

"well she gets scared, and well we need her to take some of her medicines and do some sorts of stuff to calm down. Actually thats why there are lots of medical stuff in her lower closet. In case she might you know..." she explained well

A few hours of waiting

The bad came back with no body

"well what happened..." we all asked

"im sorry the patient passed out!" the nurse who brought the bed said

"no!" i shouted

Then we all had a group hug and cried!

We all sobbed for Kath

Why did you leave me!

Then I looked up the nurses

I saw doc meelo!

"what happened sir?" he asked

i didn't reply because of all my tears

"sir the patient passed out" the nurse answered for me

"what passed out!" docmeelo shouted with a range of anger"what number are you assigned to take this bed?"

"room 315 doc" the nurse said shacking his head

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