{ 3 }I accidentally and unintentionally fell in love ...with a vampire 3

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It's been a week since I met Chris. He insists we stay friends but I want more. I really like him. He hot and cute and nice and understands me. He's also incredibly sexy and mysterious. Sigh. Maybe he doesn't like me but he keeps to him self. I'm the only person he's had a long conversation with. He's definitely not gay. He even walks me home everyday. I couldn't imagine life without him. We fit together perfectly. I know you think I sound like an obsessed teen but I just feel a deep connection to him. Sigh.

-later that day

He was walking me home today and we were on that odd street, the one that has woods on one side, when suddenly three men walked out of the woods and came right after us. One of them was tall and had green eyes, brown hair, and a horrible scar that started from the top of the left side of his head to the bottom right. I wonder how he had survived from his injuries. The second one had blue eyes, black hair, and looked like he could pick a car up with his bare hands. The third one had purple eyes and blond hair. He seemed to be the leader of the group. Chris said "stay behind me and be quiet. I want you to know in case something happens, I'm sorry. I tried to stay away but I couldn't and I'm sorry." What? What did he mean by that? All I knew was that his face looked so sad that it caused me so much pain to see him like that. I said "ummm... what are you talking about. And you never had to stay away from me. I like you a lot. Please stay with me." Then I heard a growl so intimidating it would have scared a lion. I froze and Chris pushed me behind him. And said "she's mine now leave" he was barely talking and I was surprised the men could hear him. The leader snarled and at first I thought he was smiling but then I heard him growl. When I looked closer I saw fangs. Then Chris growled at him and lunged forward at them so fast I could barely see. What was happening? I screamed until I couldn't scream no more and then... nothing...darkness...emptiness


She was so peaceful there lying on the couch. If I didn't know any better I would have thought she was sleeping but in truth she passed out and it's all my fault. I should stay away from her but I love her and I can't. That would drive me crazy. Wow, I've only known her for a week but she is deeply rooted in me. I never believed in love at first sight or soul mates but she changed everything. O god what am I going to tell her? She knows I'm a monster now. She was also probably afraid of me. I didn't want that. I was going to tell her just not this soon. I was looking at her angelic face when she started to wake up.


I grunted. I was only half awake. Then it all came back. What the fuck was that? Where am I? Did those men take me? OMG is Chris hurt? Then I shot my eyes open. He was standing in the corner of the room. It was the same room as my dream. "is this a dream" I asked. He smiled, not in an ha ha kind of way, and shuck his head. I asked "What the hell happened back there?" he said "I need to tell you something very important and you have to promise to not tell anyone. Not a single soul" what? "ooo...kkkaay" I stuttered he came to sit next to me and held my hand. I blushed. He said "what is it?" he was so cute so I just leaned a little closer our lips almost touching and I whispered "kiss me" and he did. My right hand was in his golden hair and my left was pushing him to lie on his back on the couch. His right hand was holding my cheek and his left was rapped around my back, pulling me down on top of his. He kissed me passionately but adoringly. I traced his bottom lip and he shivered. He said "wait....wait" breathlessly. Then I said "you...don't...like me" I to was breathless. He said "no,no,no,no,no it's not that it's just you should know what you are getting yourself into." I looked skeptical "what is that suppose to mean" "it means I need to tell you something before you decide to stay with me." he repositioned us in the sitting position. I said " ok it can"t be that bad though. It's not like you killed someone, right? I laughed but abruptly stopped. He looked guilty. What? Who? When? He said. "It was you or them. Those three men were going to kill you. But that's not what I was going to tell you"

Hay please comment and vote. I know the beginning is boring but there is a really big twist. I cant give much away but vamps arn't all that's out there. Her parents are going to be in the book more.*hint, hint* Along with her whole street of neighbors. Like I said big twist.

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