Thomas N Salzano - How to Keep Hairs Healthy?

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Healthy hairs always look more bouncy and beautiful. To maintain the right volume of hairs, it is very important to keep your hairs healthy. Thomas Salzano knows achieving healthy strong hair takes dedication. You can revitalise your hairs by eating hair strengthening foods, avoiding damaging grooming practices. Here are the tips shared by Thomas Salzano for healthy hairs:

1) Protect your hairs while swimming as ammonia added in swimming may damage your hairs.

2) Wash hair more frequently: If your scalp  is oily, you should was your hairs after one day to keep oil away from your hairs. Any chemical treatment on hairs make them dry, prefer to wash them after 3 days to avoid dryness.

3) Use conditioner after shampoo: To avoid freeziness and keep structured hairs, use recommended conditioner for your hair.

4) Avoid use of conditioner on scalp: Only use conditioner on the tips of your hairs.

5) If your hairs are damaged, then cut the most damaged part. By removing the damage from hair will make your hair look healthy.

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