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wonwoo: yah, stop your bratty manner!

seulgi: what do you want.

wonwoo: if you won't stop this, i will break up with you.

seulgi: whatever, it doesn't matter with me anyways.

wonwoo: wow you never even think seriously about our relationship after all?

seulgi: i did. but until a certain time where you left me.

wonwoo: i never did.

wonwoo: i think you are just jealous of the whole we got married thing.

seulgi: you know what? i feel disgusted with you. kissing her in front of your company and telling me you are busy, going to the hotel during midnight is definitely not filming jeon wonwoo. lets just breakup.

wonwoo: its just an act! i told you about the fake dating right?

seulgi: you can keep on with your act after we break up.

wonwoo: no! i love you seul!



after applying lipstick, seulgi walk out from the washroom. loud music are booming into her ears while she is looking at people grinding onto each other. she walk towards the bar counter and take a seat there.

"one vodka please."

"a heartbreak?"

she look up and see the bartender chuckling. doubting if he is making fun of her or pitying her, she just nod her head anyways. the man skillfully pour out a cup of vodka for seulgi while giving her a wink. 

while seulgi attempted to take a sip, she realized there is a paper sticking onto the cup. the bartender's phone number to be exact. 

seulgi laugh for the first time in these few weeks. well, this man is honestly attractive but it is a lie if she said that she completely gotten over wonwoo.

she is still deeply in love with him.


an; an update for you all! and thank you for everyone who wished me happy birthday!! and please do take a look at photograph- a mingyu one shot heh xx hope you all enjoy it!

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