•Cory's pov•

I decided to take Lea to a drive in movie. When we pulled up Lea started clapping her hands out of excitement. It's $20 per car to get in so I pulled out a $20 bill. "I'm paying for half." Lea pulled out her wallet and handed me a $10.

"No. That's rude I asked you out there for I should be grateful you came and will pay for the car. And no buts." She started giggling at 'buts' and I couldn't help to laugh at how childish she is.

When we got into the movies I got out of the car and ran to her side, opening the car for her and helping her down. Her hand still in mine, I undid the latch on the back of my truck opening it.

I packed blankets, pillows, and a few snacks if we get hungry. Lea and I made a nice area for us to lay down and relax while watching the movie.

Lea laid down first and I waited till she got comfortable to lay down too. "Smile!" I said taking a picture of her. (Picture above) She giggled and took my hand pulling me onto the truck.

The movie started and we were watching peacefully, eating snacks sometimes . By the end of the movie we were both hungry so we packed up and went out to dinner.

After talking over where we should go, we decided to go to a sushi place that was 15 minutes away.

When we got inside we went to the sushi bar. I ordered a plate of the second Cali roll. And Lea ordered Alaska rolls.

While we waited for our dishes we chatted. We talked about school, the future, anything really. When I'm with her I feel like I can do anything.

She's just so perfect.


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