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Anything Could Happen by DreamingToSmile
Anything Could Happenby DreamingToSmile
When Aisha takes part in the biggest audition of her life, her path crosses with her idol: Mr Darren Criss. But does she get the Audition? Does she get to know her idol...
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A world of our own! by ACrazyLittleFangirl
A world of our own!by ACrazyLittleFangirl
Sophie was just an everyday girl. Living with her best friend, working shifts at the diner and just being glee fangirl. but after having meet Chord Overstreet the two f...
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Our little secret  by downbeatDylan
Our little secret by ✯ Nic ✯
Rachel berry walks into school with her friends only to find out that she has a new history teacher called Mr.Hudson. He's absolutely gorgeous and pretty much every girl...
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The Choice I Regret by shininggoldstar
The Choice I Regretby shininggoldstar
Finn and Rachel are meant to be, but when Finn is married to someone else and Rachel is playing hard to get, will these love birds ever find their way through and become...
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Cory Monteith Imagines // OPENED by monteith-
Cory Monteith Imagines // OPENEDby jasmine
You can request an imagine on the first chapter or message me.
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What Monchele Could Have Been by Breezy_Grace511
What Monchele Could Have Beenby Breezy
Basically what Monchele could have been if the tragedy on July 13, 2013 had never happened.
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Cory Monteith by CaitwynnXx
Cory Monteithby Why would you care??
Info on Cory and his life and death.
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To, Cory Monteith by AbsorbingInspiration
To, Cory Monteithby AbsorbingInspiration
Here's to him and his legacy of a million smiles and smirks.
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Sing It Out Loud (A Glee FanFic) by FromMyHeart
Sing It Out Loud (A Glee FanFic)by Kira
Maria Huson is a British student at William Mickenly High... Can she help the Glee Club?
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Cory Monteith by Changing_Dreamers
Cory Monteithby Emilly Sheriff
I wrote this for a project someone is doing. But I also wrote this for Cory. It's short, but that doesn't matter. "Everyone wants to talk about how he died, too. Bu...
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Monchele: Beginning To End by Dan_naa
Monchele: Beginning To Endby Dan_naa
~Cory Monteith, 1982-2013~
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Monchele One Shots by Dan_naa
Monchele One Shotsby Dan_naa
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A new Monchele by MoncheleJedwardian
A new Moncheleby MoncheleJedwardian
Lea, Cory and their daughter Emily all work on Glee but when Lea and Cory find out about Emily and her on-screen love Blake, what will happen?
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closer by greyskepner
closerby monchelesglee
monchele one shot inspired by the song 'closer' by the chainsmokers and halsey. ( I dont own the song closer - all creds to rightful owners.)
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Perfect love by FinchelMonchelelover
Perfect loveby FinchelMonchelelover
Dianna and Chris convince Lea to apply for the new job opening at their office. When she goes for the interview, she sees the boss, Mr. Monteith. Cory immediately likes...
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Monchele by ElavanMonchele
Moncheleby ElavanMonchele
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Monchele a love that will last forever... will it? by AllTimeAwesome
Monchele a love that will last Hakuna Matata
so, this is a story i made up. it's about the life Cory Monteith and Lea Michelle could have had...
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