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"Whatcha wanna do babe?" Cameron asked, hanging upside down off his bed.

I giggled from his desk where I was scrolling through Tumblr.

"I don't know, I don't really wanna go out tonight."

"Me either. Wanna build a fort?" Cameron flipped off the bed with a thud, sending me into fits of laughter.

"Sure, why not? But I get to be the princess." I smiled, racing over to Cameron's closet where he kept his blankets and stuff.


After a half hour of building a pillow and blanket fortress in Cam's living room, we had a pretty decent place to hang out and cuddle.

"You know babe...." Cameron trailed. "What would really make this complete is a movie."

"True! Here let's pick one out." I grabbed his laptop sitting on the coffee table and re snuggled myself into his bare chest.

"Do Insidious!" Cameron practically shouted.

"Caammm... do we have to?" I whined.

"Pweaseee." Cameron jut out his lip. "I really wanted to watch it but never got around to it, besides you can just hold onto me during the scary parts, if you can even call them that."

I huffed. "Fine, but you have to come with me everywhere afterwards."

"Perfect." Cameron grinned.


I jumped at another pop up and gripped my arms around Cameron's neck as tight as possible without choking him, my legs wrapped around his hips.

His strong arm was wrapped firmly around my waist, squeezing everytime I'd flinch.

"Shhh, baby girl. Just hide your face and give me a big hug and it'll be over before you know it."

I nodded slowly, my face buried in his neck, smelling his cologne.

I ended up falling into a deep slumber, my breath cascading over Cameron's skin, making him shiver every once in awhile.

Or maybe it was the movie?

I wish. It'd be hilarious to make fun of Cameron for being scared.

I woke up a short while later and noticed Cam had somehow shuffled his way out of my grip and was gone. Not to mention it was pitch black.


From the few scenes of the movie I did put up with, they had scared the shit out of me.

I was terrified.

"Cam?" I whispered, barely audible.

No response, kind of what I expected.

"Babe?" I said, slightly louder.

Still nothing.

I timidly crept off the couch and began tip toeing to Cameron's bedroom, hoping and praying he'd be there and not hiding and trying to scare me.

A little fur ball came running over to me, jumping up on my legs. I screamed as loud as possible, but instantly stopped when I noticed it was none other than Jaxx.

"Oh, Jaxx." I sighed, leaning down to hug him. He brought me much comfort.

I heard a door swing open, my heart began racing, although I knew it was Cameron.

"Baby? Baby are you alright I heard you scream?" Cameron asked worriedly.

I didn't answer as I slammed myself into his chest, wrapping my arms around his torso.

"When I woke up, you weren't there. And it was dark and s-scary-"

"Oh baby girl if I had known you were gonna wake up I would've left a light on. I turned them off so you could sleep better, I just left you to go pee." He gently kissed my head.


Cameron chuckled. "You're such a scaredy cat Y/N."

"Shut up!" I giggled, nestling myself further into him.

"C'mon. Let's go get in my bed and cuddle."

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