......Scott is gonna get F'd in the A by Vince today :3

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Heart: ........so you're gonna punish him...?

Vincent: totally, but I've added something. Oh scottie~ would you come here for a minute~

Scott: *sigh* *walks in with a maid dress on and a blush plastered on his face*

Vincent: -w- nice~

Heart: 0////0 *nosebleed*

Vincent: *drags him into the closet*

Scott: o-e....


???: A-AH~~ FASTER~~

Heart:....*looks at the closet that Vincent and Scott are in*

???: *moaning and groaning*

Heart: >·<

???: AH~~ RIGHT--RIGHT THERE~~!!!!

Heart: .///. Damn....*tiny nosebleed*

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