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Relentless Intolerance by Demon Hunter

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These eyes, they will gaze and reflect

And gauge every thought I reject

No sway of stance in changing times

Just a narrow mind commanding respect

We stand on the words of the wise

And languish every call to despise

We know the hollow wound of their lies


No reformed edition

Never losing vision

Now into forever

Only getting better

Ways of now, spiral down

How much more we allow


Keeping sight of the vow we made

Holding fast to the hope

So when we stand in the line of wrath

The true and righteous will know

The foundation that we used to uphold

Now regarded as the madness of old

Every alteration made to the standard of truth

Is a nail in the coffin we hold

We embody everything they despise

Because they see us through degenerated eyes

So when they cast you down as intolerant filth

Stand firm, never bow to the lies



See the scorn inside my eyes


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