The Science of Lies by Demon Hunter

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Bow down - before the god of cash

The philosophy of modern man is leaking fast

No foundation for the frame by which you set your mind

Just a legacy of fiction for the feeble to find

Desperation breeding faith unto a pitiful lie

"Give us your money and we'll open up our gullible eyes"

No redemption, not a reason, but a symbol of why

This digression of surrender is the science of lies


Believe the sacred blasphemy

They feed

That hollow voice inside of your head

Receive the fleeting fallacy

They breathe

Trace every step from where you were led

Look back and tell yourself what they said

(Now flee)

And now you feel it pulling down

How can you buy into a faith that hasn't permanent ground?

Give me blood-soaked, sacrificial worth

Not the artificial product of a fraudulent birth

Give me selfless, consecrated reprise

Not a worthless contribution to the science of lies


Feel it pulling down


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