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The Soldier Song by Demon Hunter

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Through the clouds of fallen ash,

A lonely mother's cry

Among the fields of broken glass

The loyal few will arise

Faith now regained

Finding strength within the void,

A raging fire ignites

A spark of ever-burning power

And conviction to fight

Pride be your name

They will spit upon the honor that

You guard with your life

And run to hide in selfish fear

When threat of death is in sight

Lay down your shame


Armed with resistance and blind to the cost

The say your purpose is mindless and lost

But we don't adhere to the slander they spill

We mourn with your losses and stand by your will


These tears we spill

They haunt us still

The cries of the weak lie quiet in sleep

Beneath our feet

We are the sons of holy wrath,

A shining light in the dark

The ones who walk amongst despair,

No sign of fear in our hearts

Stand in death's way

Shut out the voice of mindlessness,

Open your eyes to the truth

Believe the words that stand the test

And not the slurs of the youth

You're not what they say



Turn over the tables and watch them run

You'll be the weapon they can't outgun


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