Lost and Found

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Lost and Found: Caught

*Alyssa POV*

I shook the can for the thousandth time aiming it at the wall. I watched as the can produced the color blue on the wall. I sprayed a face. I don't know whose face it belonged to but it was a face. A blue colored face. The left eye yellow, the right eye green. I shaped it's body adding different colors on each part of the clothing. Each arm and leg a different color. I shook the can once more before adding a few strands of hair.


It looks like my best.

It's beautiful.

It's Art.

It's MY art.

But then I heard sirens and I knew I was screwed. "Shit" I mumbled under my breath. I quickly grabbed the cans stuffing them into my dark red backpack. I slung the backpack onto my shoulders and did what I did best.

I ran.

I ran from my art. Art that should be known to the world. I wasn't doing anything wrong. Whatever happened to that expression 'Express yourself' well I'm defiantly expressing my self. Or what about 'Art is a beautiful thing why not show people' well im not sure if that's an saying but hey it works for me.

I sped up as I saw the cops coming closer. I rounded a corner which led into an alley. I didn't know where the cops were but I can still see the red and blue lights. I noticed a ladder leading up to the roof of a building. I ran to them and climbed onto. Once on the roof I ducked, hey cops can see everything. I saw that there was another building to my left that was close enough to this building to jump.

I backed up and used full force when I ran and jumped off this building and onto the next. I worked my way down the ladder of this building and ran from the ally. Only to find a dead end. I heard a the sirens come closer then a car coming To an halt. I looked behind me and saw 2 cops coming out of a squad car.

"Freeze put your hands behind your back and slowly get on the floor." One if the cops shouted at me were they serious I mean this ground looks like a really BIG dog came and did it's business here, then threw up on it. There is no way in hell im gonna get on this ground.

I turned away from them putting my hands behind my head and surrender.

"Now slowly get down in the ground" the same cop shouted at me. It was then that I noticed that both cops were aiming guns at me. I turned and looked that cop in the eye and said "There is no way in hell in getting in this ground can't you just arrest me and get it over with."

"Ground NOW" the other cop said pointing his gun to the floor as if gesturing me to get on the ground. "Wow you speek I thought you were going to let your friend do all the dirty work." I told him a smirk on my face. The cop spoke again "Now" this time more sternly. "Why don't you get on this ground." I fought. If he won't get on thus floor neither will I. The cops tightened their grips on the guns. From the sound of it I think they switched the safety guard off.

I knew they ment business then. I reluctantly knelt on the ground not fully on the ground but close to it. There was shuffling of feet and clinging of handcuffs moving about. I felt the cold grip off the handcuffs on my wrist as the cop forced me up. Damn dont got to be so rough, I'm an innocent girl who was just trying to 'express herself'. The cop shoved me into the back of the squad car.

Welcome to hell.

Welcome to my life.


You guys like. I just had this in mind and wanted it to share it please excuse grammar errors I'm working on my iPod here give me a break. Let me Know if you like it LUV U(NH)





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