No Love At The Shore (Jersey Shore Love)

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No Love At The Shore (Jersey Shore Love)

"Hey is Ronald Ortiz-Magro here?" I asked the two half-naked guys right in front of me. They were attractive, so attractive. Both seemed a little surprised to have my presence here, or they were just surprised that I asked for Ronnie.

[Mike: There's a fine little girl comin' up at the door. Then she goes and asks for Ronnie...RONNIE. *shakes head*]

After all, what would a Italian guido want to do with a petite Filipino girl?

I tucked my loose dark brown hair behind my ear, slightly shivering from the cold breeze that rolled by. Being by the beach has its downfalls. For instance, it's pretty much too cold to be in a pair of jeggings, and a simple purple tank, and a loose, black Victoria's Secret sweater. The sleeve kept riding off, and I kept having to put it back in its place.

My dark brown eyes glistened with the light coming from the inside of the house. I was slightly shivering, and they probably noticed that. I smacked my full lips together, remoistening them, for they were getting chap. They ushered for me to come in, and I happily obliged. Maybe it was just me who was cold. I was known for getting easily cold.

[Pauly: So Mike, and I open the door. To see this cute lil' Asian girl standing there! We just had to let her in.]

"How rude of myself, I'm Adellah."I turned my attention to them. "And you are?"

"Pauly." The one with the spiked up hair, tattoos, and the tanner skin guy said to me. He leaned over and casually greeted me with an air kiss that I had returned.

"Mike. Or the Situation." The other less tan, more muscular guy said to me, repeating what his friend had done.

"So you wanna see Ronnie?" Pauly asked, pointing to his right. I guessed his room was in that direction. I meekly nodded, which made him nod and head upstairs. "Yo Ronnie!"

"Have a seat." Mike motioned his head towards the couch. Giving him a gentle smile, I made my way over to the couch, with him following behind. "How do you know Ron?"

"We were childhood friends. I heard he was in town, so I came up for a visit."

"How'd you get the address?"

"His mother gave it to me."

"Oh. Cool, cool."

[Mike: Yeah bore me to death little girl. *rolls eyes*]

"Adellah?" An unsure voice came from behind me. Quickly, I turned to see my old friend. I immediately ran up to tackle him to the ground. Of course, he was bigger and stronger, making it easy to regained balance and catch me.

[Ronnie: When Pauly came to my room, and said Adellah was down there, I couldn't believe it. Never have I ever told anyone about her, so I knew he wasn't playin' wit me. So I go down to check it for myself.]

"God I haven't seen you in forever!" I smiled, still having my arms wrapped around his neck. His big ones were around my petite waist.

"Last time was prom night before graduation!"

"When we were both crowned king and queen." We let go of each other.

"And you were the valedictorian." He grinned from ear to war.

"Great times"

"Whoa, wait. How long have you two known each other exactly?" Pauly asked with a confused look on his face.

"Pre-school." I answered for the two of us.

"Way before that." Ron corrected.

It was true though. Our parents had known each other during their high school lives and became close friends. Once we were conceived we were friends from the start. Sharing the same toys, bathing in the same tubs, and eventually we ended up dating. Everyone knew, it was bound to happen, so that came to no surprise to them when they announced it in seventh grade.

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