Peter Pan x Reader

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You had been wandering Neverland for the past few hours, and there had been no sign of any life other than a few scuffled marks on the beach that you had found when you first arrived.

You were starting to get a bit thirsty, and wished to have a fresh drink of water. Somehow, the next ten seconds brought you to a stop as you nearly tripped into a deep puddle of clear, cold water.

"Um, yeah, alright... I'll take it..." You lean down and cup some water into your hands, bringing it to your mouth to drink.

After a few handfuls, you wipe your mouth off and lift your head. A quick movement out of the corner of your eye stops you, and you look back down at the clear water. The water ripples outwards, and suddenly there's a shaky reflection added to the ripples. A reflection which definitely is not your own.

Slowly lifting your head, you can't help but think of how dramatic this must look from an outsider's point of view. You were finally meeting another human being.

And this human being was hot!

Peter Pan stood before you, looking exactly as the tales had described. You didn't even need an introduction to know who he was, judging by the green, velvety clothes and mesh accessories as well as those slightly large ears and devilishly handsome grin.

"Hello, lassie. Nice of you to finally say hello." Why was it that hot guys always seemed to have amazing voices? Nonetheless, British accents!

You slowly pull your lips into a small grin as well, mentally checking yourself to make sure you don't do anything embarrassing.

"Um, finally?" You wonder aloud. Had this boy been watching you ever since you stepped foot on Neverland?

"I've been watching you for some time." Pan disappears for a moment, only to flash up behind you and lean forward, resting his chin on your shoulder and pinning your arms to your sides. Some people may be threatened by the gesture, but you end up feeling as if you just want to melt backwards, into Peter's grasp.

"I've been expecting you for so long, (y/n). Ever since I first laid my eyes on you when you were a young girl standing at your window, saying you believed in me. And, even after all this time, you still do. Tell me, why is it that you haven't faltered in you belief?"

"I-I don't know. I've heard so many stories about you; about how you take boys that have been treated wrongly by their families to a more beautiful place; Neverland. I was clinging to the hope that you were real because, well, I was invisible where I lived before. I just wished that you would make an exception for me- that you would bring me to Neverland despite my being a girl."

"More children need the belief that you possess, (y/n). If you join me, perhaps you could convince more children to hold on to their belief of Neverland and magic." Peter holds out a hand, and you take it without hesitation.

Suddenly, a blur overtakes you and when it clears a moment later, you're in the middle of his camp.

You gaze around, getting used to your new soon-to-be home.

"Thank you for making an exception for me, Peter." You turn to your side, fully expecting for him to be right there next to you.

He isn't present though, and that worries you. Why would he leave all of a sudden like that? Walking around camp, you search for him.

He seems to be avoiding you though. You can't find him anywhere, although a surplus of lost boys dawdle around nearby, watching you from the corners of their eyes.

"Excuse me, do you know where Peter Pan may be?" You ask a tall, blonde boy with a scar across his eye. You hadn't noticed the scar when you approached him, and seeing it made you jump back in surprise.

"Scared, lassie?" The boy smirks, turning back to his whittling project. It seemed that he was whittling either a staff or a club.

"Do you know where Peter is?" You question again, making sure to sound as confident as you can. It wasn't that you were scared of him, just that you had been caught off guard by his... condition.

"Try the sky."

"But how am I to do that? I have no pixie dust to fly!"

"Ah, so you know your way around Neverland, do you. Not to fear; if you really believe you can fly, in Neverland you can do anything." And with that, the boy turns back to his work, ignoring any other attempts you make to catch his attention.

You do believe. In fact, you may be the single most concentrated in belief girl-or boy, for that matter-in your entire world, the land without magic. And so you went out to the outskirts of camp, and you climbed a tree, and you jumped off.

And you flew.

The wind whipped at your face and the gusts nearly blew you off course as you made your way through the sky, twirling in circles and somersaulting through the air as the feeling of exhilaration takes you over.

"This is wonderful!" You exclaim, your voice torn apart by the gusty wind. Giving a loud whoop, you give a burst of speed when you notice a spot of high ground on a plateau, and a certain teenager sitting at the edge.

You almost don't want to stop flying, but Peter Pan draws you in without either of you even realizing it. You're too intrigued by him to pass by without a glance.

"(y/n), I think you'll really like it here. You fit perfectly; see, you've already mastered the art of flying." Peter looks up at you as you float in front of him, finally settling down on the edge and sitting a few inches away from him.

"I think I'll like it here."

"I think I'll like having you here." Peter drew closer to you, taking your hand. He pulled you off the side of the cliff and grinned. And together, you flew back to camp, ready for your first adventure.


-Cara Kama xx

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