"I Knew You Were Trouble" by BartBaKer

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Taylor Swift: Once upon a time. Before I was insane I dated this Disney guy, Joe Jonas was his name. But he broke up with me.

Joe Jonas: You're just way too creepy. Plus I found someone else his name's Mickey

Taylor: So I wrote a song about his stupid ass. Then found this guy named John, but that was over fast. If you don't marry me, I will pull out your teeth.

John Mayer: You're totally crazy.

Taylor: No.

John: Yes.

Taylor: No.

John: Yes.

Taylor: Maybe. He hit me with his guitar, and he said that

John: We are through.

Taylor: Just you wait until I write a song about you. Then I met that Jake Gyllenhaal dick, and was obsessed right away.

Jake Gyllenhaaal: You've sent me one thousand messages, and that's just from today.

Taylor: Oh that's because I'm having your baby.

Jake: What? But you don't even put out.

Taylor: Stop questioning me Jakey or I'll put you six feet underground.

Jake: Woah! Woah! Psyco psyco psyco.

Taylor: Fine go! It's good material. Next came Kennedy. I think he was fifteen. I bought the house next door to watch you constantly, and also to make sure you never ever cheat

Connor Kennedy: OMG we are done you are scary.

Taylor: Harry was my last. That One Direction freak. I taped him to my wall, so he could never leave

Harry Styles: Someone call the police! You're insane we are through!

Taylor: You're just like the rest what did I do to you? So I used my stalker app, to track down all of those pricks. The next song I write I'll use their blood as my ink.

Jake: Holy crap that nut job just bursted in.

Taylor: What the hell is this?

Joe John Jake Kennedy and Harry: It's a support group for all the men, you wrote songs about you bitch.

Taylor: What? I have not written about Harry yet.

Harry: I am just planning ahead.

John: Why are you even here anyway?

Taylor: To finish you all off with my pen.

Taylor's Ex's: No! No! Devil! Devil! Devil

Taylor: Ow! Ow! It's true I'm the devil.

Doctor: Ok that's enough. You were right she's nuts. You are coming with us.

Taylor: Wait what? Get off of me. I'm not crazy.

Taylor's Ex's: It worked! This was all a trick we knew you would come so we hired this doctor.

Doctor: You're going to an insane asylum based on the behavior I observed.

Taylor: Ah! Ah! Let me go you assholes.

Doctors: No! No! Welcome to your new home.

Mickey: Ho Ho! So you're crazy too huh?

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