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                                                                                         By david brown

This is an old one of mine, I wrote back in 1980 - it has become a favorite since published back in 1982. I thought I would add it to the free reading. Enjoy


      "I'm afraid mommy" Sam said, as his mother entered his bedroom, pulling on her coat. His mom came over and sat down on the edge of his bed, and ran her fingers through his curly hair.

     "Now, Sam, you're a big boy now, your ten years old. I am sorry but we have to go see Grandma, she's not feeling well right now and you've just got over the chicken pox, so we can't take you with us."

     "But I've never stayed all by myself before." Sam said.

     "Sure you have, many times."

     "Uh uh, not at night"

     "Sam, honey, it's no different. Honest you will be just fine and beside you got Maggie here, Oh, my goodness! Where is Maggie?" She said looking around dramatically, in a game they always played at bedtime.

     "Where is she always?" Sam replied laughing

His mom gestured, pointing down – and mouthed "Under the bed?" Sam laughed shaking his head in agreement.

His mom placed her hand under the bed. "Lick, lick."

     "Awe! Maggie, you got me all wet, you silly dog." she said wiping her hand on her pants and Sam just laughed.

     "See, your laughing already." She said. "Just remember if you get scared just hang your hand over the side of the bed and when Maggie licks you, you will know that everything is ok, ok?"

     "Alright Mommy, I will" Sam said and she kissed him on his forehead.

     "You're Dad and I will be back in about three hours or less, so just stay in bed and if you need us, the phone number is on the wall in the kitchen.

     "OK" Sam said with a big yawn. His mom smiled and left the room. Sam sat there in silence listening. In just a few minutes Sam could hear the car start and the garage door open and then close and he knew he was all alone. He stared at the ceiling for a while, listening to every creak and moan of the house, then he began to get himself nervous so, Sam, stuck his hand over the side of the bed. "Lick, Lick"

     "Thanks Maggie" Sam said. "I needed that."

Sam then turned over, pulled the covers up and worked to try to go to sleep. "I can do this he thought."

Just as Sam, was about to fall asleep there was a noise that came from his bathroom. Sam's eyes grew big and he pulled the covers up tighter. He looked over at the bathroom door, it was sitting slightly open and it seemed just like a black hole carved within his bedroom wall.

     "What was that" he thought as he slowly pulled his arm from in under the covers and let it dangle over the side of the bed. "Lick, Lick"

     "Ok he thought, Maggie, isn't worried so why should I be?"

     "Thanks Maggie" he said. Then everything was quiet again. Maybe he didn't even hear anything at all, maybe he was just falling as sleep and though he heard something. He lay there for a while in the silence and slowly started to drift again. Then "BAM" a noise came again from the bathroom. This time he was sure he had heard it. He stuck his hand again over the side of the bed. "Lick, Lick" He calmed down feeling the comforting touch of his dogs tongue on his skin. He could still hear something though, something seemed to be moving in his bathroom. He slowly pulled the covers down and edged himself over to the side of the bed, never taking his eyes off the black crack in the wall that was the doorway to the bathroom. Cautiously he lowered himself to the floor. Slowly step by nervous step he made his way closer to the doorway. Sam stopped once he reached the door. He could still hear something, something moving inside the bathroom. He slowly extended his arm and pushed the door open wider. Then cautiously he stepped inside, reaching for the light switch, then "CLICK" the light came on and there lying in the floor in front of him in a puddle of her own blood was Maggie. Her back leg was twitching in a death rattle, kicking the edge of the sink cabinet. He gasp and step back and in turning he saw scrawled across the mirror in blood were the words. "Humans like to lick too!"


This book is the work of fiction, any references to historical events, real people, or real places are used fictionally. Other characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or places or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 1980 by David Brown

All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever. For Information address EBDB Books – Rights department 234 Dogwood Drive SE, Calhoun, Georgia 30701

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