is it still a joke now?

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people joke about suicide

think its just some game

think people cut for attention

starve themselves for fame

little did they know

the girl behind them was bipolar

wondering why they thought it funny

to feel a complete loner

would they finally get it

when she starved herself to death

or hanging from the ceiling

having taken her last breath

then would they see

would they actually stop to think

that a girl took her life

Because her dad liked to drink

if they saw her body

crumpled ,bleeding,lying on the floor

after jumping twenty stories

out her balcony door

if they saw her head blown in

if she took to big a fall

a rope round her neck

her blood on the walls

now she's gone because of you

her spirits in the clouds

her parents utterly confused

is it still a joke now??

is it still a joke now?Lies diese Geschichte KOSTENLOS!