Chapter 7

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"Well that was quick and easy." Natsu said rubbing the back of his head.
"Of course it was! You just rushed in there and lit everything on fire." Lisanna said sighing.
"Well at least the job is done, and we can go back to the guild." Mira said.
"Yeah." Lisanna smiled. Meanwhile Natsu was still on edge, eager to get back to Lucy to make sure everything was okay. Maybe even beat up Sting for trying to make the moves on Lucy.
"We'd better hurry though.... I have a bad feeling about something." Natsu said worriedly.
"You do? How come?" Mira said as her back was turned away from Natsu as she was walking.
"I don't know just an uneasy feeling." Natsu noticed an awkward atmosphere around him.
"I see..." Lisanna said kind of weirdly.
"That was way too easy... I was kind of hoping someone would come and save you, Lucy. But I guess Natsu's all taken care of. He's not coming anywhere near you soon..." Gray said as he put his hand on the ice where Lucy was frozen. "Everything's going according to plan. Except for one thing..." He said while turning around. "What are you doing here?" He said with a sigh like he was bored.
"Something was off about you so I came and followed you guys. Looks like I was right." Sting said as he was trapped by ice. "But it looks like you saw me coming a mile away. Heheh..."
Gray sighed. "Yeah, too bad though. We could've had some fun together... But since I came and got what I needed, I no longer need to be here."
"You're not going anywhere." Sting said angrily.
"Just try and stop me." He laughed. "Oh wait, you're a little occupied right now."
"Goodbye now, 'Sting-kun.' Hah." He laughed as he, and Lucy disappeared. His laugh still echoing in the distance.
Natsu stood there, breathing heavily. "Can you at least tell me who you guys are?! Why are you keeping from going back to my guild?!!" Natsu screamed.
"We don't want you to interfere with our plans, Natsu Dragneel." Mira said in her Satan Soul takeover.
"Yeah, Natsu-nii. So why don't you just sit there like a good boy and don't interfere." Lisanna said.
"Don't plan on it." Natsu said rushing toward them. "Happy!"
"Aye sir!!" Happy came flying in max speed and picked up Natsu.
"That's not very man of you to run away from a fight!" Elfman said while running towards them.
"Ugh, Don't even bother. Your not going to catch them." Mira said.
"But we can't let them get away or-"
"They won't get anywhere close to where Lucy is. Even if they do, they'll be too late anyways. My guess is that Happy's going to run out if stamina in about 10 minutes. Once he does, they're done for. And so is that little celestial princess."

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