louis tommo: hey i saw ur kik on twitter

louis tommo: is it alright that i kiked u?

harry styles: uh shore, i suppose so

louis tommo: well m'louis

harry styles: m'harry

louis tommo: so...

louis tommo: wanna trade?

harry styles: wut?

louis tommo: like nudes... wanna trade?

harry styles: wait woah

harry styles: no i dont wanna trade anything.

harry styles: bye.

louis tommo: wait no! M'sorry.

louis tommo: why are u reading them?

louis tommo: really m'sorry.

louis tommo: HAROLD! :(

harry styles: do not call me Harold.

harry styles: ever!

louis tommo: im sorry.....

louis tommo: :(

update: i just want to thank you guys for getting this irrelevant book to almost 6k reads. i love everyone who was honestly open and gave me feedback. you're wonderful.

update: this book has made it to 9k & i wanna say thank you again. i wrote this book for fun but people seem to enjoy it. tbh it was poorly written but you guys still read it. so once again, thanks!

update: so I see that this has reached 80k reads and I'm still very grateful. However, I'm wondering how that happened?? Anyways thank you (: I wrote this book when I was about 14 and a freshmen haha and to see it have these reads even though it's poorly written means a lot I suppose because I will graduate high school this year. This book has come a long way and I'm glad people still enjoy it! Check out my other stories maybe?

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