Chapter 3

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When I woke up I was welcomed my a bright light in my face. I looked around the walls were painted white and there was a sofa and a not so comfy looking chair, the chair was next to the bed.

Every thing came rushing back to me , then it clicked I was in a hospital. I sat up in shock, but quickly regretted it as a throbbing pain shot through my head. I groaned in pain, waking the person in the chair up. Hmm, never notice him here before.

"Who are you and what are you doing in here?"I asked the guy that looked a little familiar. He was kinda cute, he had light brown hair, green eyes, and looked tall.

"My name is Zander Hall I'm the one that caught you before you passed out," No way! now I know why he looks so familiar, he's one of the popular jocks in the school. I was the one who so happened to trip over herself and be caught by a popular.

I felt my cheeks get hotter.

I groaned in pain and held my head. Why am I so clumsy?

Then I felt two big hands gently push me down. I looked up to see Zander starring at me with a worry in his eyes.

"Are you ok?"

"No does it look like I'm ok. Can you call a nurse or something my head really, really hurts?" I started to feel throbbing as I heard Brison run out to get a nurse. Not more than two minutes later the the nurse came in and gave me some pain medication.


"Zander can you call my dad to come pick me up?" I was finally able to go home after three hour of laying in hospital bed.

"Oh while you were asleep someone came in and told me to tell you when you wake up the he had to leave with your sister. I'm guessing that was your dad he said he was going to be gone for two weeks on a business trip and your sister wanted to tag along." he said looking out of breath.

Yup that was my dad always choosing my sister over me. Now I would have to be alone for two weeks with no money, oh that's just great.

"He said that he wanted you to go to a friend house during those two weeks." Sh*t where am I going to go? Morgans going on vacation all summer.

"I have no where to stay my best friend Morgan is going on vacation and I really don't feel like going back to school. It's pointless to go the last few days."

"Umm I don't know."

"I gotta go," I said as I jumped off the bed to fall into Brison, again.

"Sorry," I mumbled getting up. I started to walk away when something grabbed my hand and spun me around. I was face to face with Zander , sparks flying where he touched me.

"Umm ..... I know we really don't know each other but maybe you could stay at my place."

I thought about it really quick, maybe it wouldn't be so bad spending the next 2 months with Zander's family.

"Ok but are you sure your parents will be ok with it?" I glanced at him as he nodded his head."Ok can we stop by my house so I can grab clothes," I asked him as we left and walked to his car.

He led me to a silver Audi, I was amazed. When we got in to his car and we were on our way.

We stopped at my house, Zander came in with me to help me pack. I packed my clothes into my favorite blue backpack.

Brison put one arm around my waist steading me so I didn't fall down the stairs. He grabbed my bag and put it in the trunk for me. We pulled out of my driveway and I laid my head against the window and fell asleep.

(Zander's Pov)

I looked over at angel to see her sleeping. I can't believe I've never talked to her before. She's different from other girls.

She looks so peaceful, when we pulled up at my house, I carried her bridal style up the stairs to the guess room. She didn't even wake up, she sleeps like the dead.

I think I might like angel.


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