Chapter 5

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I looked up at Zander wondering when I get to meet his grandma. He looked down at me confused,"Whats wrong?"

"I was wondering when I get to meet your grandma?" I looked down at my hands as my face heated up in embarrassment.  

When I looked up he looked excited, maybe because I wanted to meet his grandma.  

 "When would you like to meet her blondie?" Did he just call me blondie?

"Hey! Don't make fun of the hair color, it's not nice. Can I meet her after i take a shower and eat I'm getting kinda hungry?" 

Zander laughed and shook his head yes.

I walked over to the bathroom that was attached to my room I took a quick shower, wrapped myself in a black towel and got dressed fast. I wonder if Zander was still in my room, so I threw my hair into a messy bun and walked out of the bathroom. Zander was laying on my bed sleeping, I think we either got here really late or Zander just didn't sleep good. I walked over to the closet, put my dirt clothes in the laundry basket and grabbed my suitcase. I brought it over to the dresser and started unpacking all of my clothes. Since I was gonna be here for a bit mind as well unpack and get comfy.

It felt too quiet so I stuck my iPod touch in to my black ihome. When I was done unpacking the song, I'm Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO came on and I started to sing and dance along to it. I was surprised to find Zander still asleep on the bed. Aww, he looks so cute when he sleeps.

 I had and awesome idea, I walked over to my ihome turn up the volume up full blast. I looked over at Zander he was still sleeping, so I quietly walked over to the bed that Zander was sleeping on. I stood up on the bed, making sure I didn't touch Zander.I started jumping on the bed and sing the song that was on, when I looked down, Zander was wide awake.

I stared laughing so hard I fell on the floor, his face was priceless. It looked like he shit his pants, finally when I was able to breath he looked down at me with an evil grin on.  

Oh no!

I jumped up and started to run away, but Zander was faster. He grabbed my waist and started tickling me, I'm super ticklish so I freaked out and fell on the floor.

"Oh looks like someones ticklish," he started ticking me harder I could barely breath.  

"MERCY," as soon I screamed that Zander stopped ticking me.

That's when i noticed what position we were in. He was on his knees between by legs and my shirt had rode up showing my slightly tanned stomach. Zander also noticed our awkward postion and jumped up fast and blushed.

" S-S-Sorry." He looked away embaressed

By now it was lunch time and I was starving, Zander showed me the way down the stairs to the kitchen where a small older lady sat. I'm guessing that was Zander's grandma.

She looked up when we entered the kitchen, her hair was white, she had green eyes, she looked about 64years old and about 5'. She smiled tame and said "Hello, I'm Zander's grandmother, my name is Sara. You can call me Nana or Sara, grandma makes me feel old."  

"Hi my name is Angel, thanks for letting me stay here. You have a beautiful home."  

"Thank you, and your welcome. I'll do anything to help Zander or one of his friends." 

I looked over at Zander, his face was a light pink. Oh he looks so cute when he blushes. Wow did I really just think that, I've only known him for 2 days. I couldn't be having thoughts like that. He is a popular and I'm a nobody, he would never like someone like me.

Zander had to go run errands for his Nana so I just stayed home and talked with her the whole day. I was already more comfy here than I was at my home that I've lived in my whole life.

She talked to me about staying here and Zander's parents. They were killed by a drunk driver alittle over a year ago. I felt so bad for Zander, he's been through so much and he's still really kind to everyone. I wasn't gonna let him know that I knew about his parents. He could tell me when he's ready. 

I think I'm going to like staying with Zander and Sara. It felt like home and I was happy not to have my step mom here. She left with my dad thank god.

I'd like to think of my step mom as the evil step monster. All she ever did was complain about me and how I wasn't as perfect as her Jade. After my mom died of a heart attack when I was 13, my dad started dating the monster only 3 months after. I hated the fact that my dad could get over my mom so easily. I hate my dad and my step mom because of it. I wouldn't be surprised if my dad cheated on my mom before she even passed away.

That's all I could think about before falling asleep.


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