Chapter 39- "What is it you want, Miss Daniels?"

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Harper finished thoroughly reading through the report when James approached her desk as he left his office. He coughed grabbing her attention as he leaned his elbows upon the desk grinning. "Miss Daniels, just the person I wanted." Harper cocked her eyebrow. "Yes Mr Brewer."

"I have a later meeting this evening so you shall be expected to stay later. Okay?" He said, still grinning. Harper nodded slowly. "Of course. What time shall I book it in your diary?" James kissed his teeth thinking as he tilted his head to the side. "Seven." Harper nodded as she added it into his diary. "Anything else, sir?" She asked. James held his thumb against his lip, his eyes looking to the ceiling taking his time to think before he muttered, his tone husky. "I could do with a kiss. Perhaps you could book that down?" Harper blushed playing along as she bit her lip as she tilted her head pretending to glance a look at his diary. "Hmmmm. Perhaps, you do have free time now." She suggested, watching as James drew his eyebrows up.

"Do I?" He said, his voice playful as he moved around her desk slowly. Harper nodded still biting her lip. He frowned pushing back his sleeve as he looked at his wrist watch. "I'm sure I could... spare a few minutes. What do you think Miss Daniels?" Harper shrugged her shoulders slowly. James leaned his hands on her chair arms wetting his bottom lip. "I'll ask again Miss Daniels. What do you think?"

Harper parted her lips as she felt his breath fan upon her neck. " you want me to say?" James moved closer teasing as he pressed his nose against her neck. Harper's breath hitched with her chest rising fast ,closing her eyes against his touch sending electric shocks running through her skin.

"What do you want, Harper?" He muttered near her earlobe.

"I want you." She said breathlessly, flushing instantly as she said the words aloud. James took no hesitation as he pressed his lips against hers softly, pulling the chair closer to him as he took control . Harper closed her eyes, this could never get old she thought. His lips against hers made her feel hot all-over but more so comfortable to be around him. She knew it was right, the shudder down her spine, her racing heart and uncontrollable breathing every time he touched. James removed his lips slowly, then kissing upon her jawline until he stopped at her earlobe. "I love how I can make you feel. Your body yearns for me." He muttered, his words creating another shudder down her spine. He pulled away brushing away a lose strand from her face as he stood up. "Time's up." He frowned. "I have a meeting, until later pumpkin." The glint in his eyes as he grinned. Harper blushed as he moved away leaving her dazed.


Harper was on her way back from running errands including just picking up his coffee when her phone pinged making her instantly jump. She blushed as surrounding people around her noticed her little jump. Harper held the coffee to her side as she brought her phone out her pocket, the caller ID was unknown however instead of not declining the call, she answered cautiously. "Hello?"

A familiar voice sparked up. "Harper Daniels. Its Ethan Donovan."

"Oh Hi! Et-,I mean Mr Donovan." She blabbered, how did he even get her number anyway? Ethan laughed. "Please Harper, its Ethan. No need for formality. Besides its been a while since our last encounter...well it was cut short." He chuckled down the line again. Harper blushed remembering how James at that time picked her up, she couldn't still understand his deal with Ethan, he seemed well charming. "I'm sorry about that, I had wanted to apologise about that unfortunately I don't think Mr Brewer was happy with me...meeting you again." She muttered in a quieter voice.

"Not at all, I understand. James is just rather paranoid that I'm trying to steal his best employee." He joked. Harper laughed slightly in return, still unsure where this conversation was going.

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