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The Wicked Girl Next door  by Cloud9ulap
The Wicked Girl Next door by lovemehateme
MATURE CONTENT 18+ "I don't like you...I will not like you...Stop being like this! I'm not like your other women,flowery words won't take me to you. I Cleo Elizabet...
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suhagraat (two shot)  (SwaSan) (Completed) by Shinchan789
suhagraat (two shot) (SwaSan) ( Shinchan789
Mature content ?? no bashers allowed. no lecturers allowed private its about SwaSan first night.
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Miss Clumsy and the CEO (EDITING REQUIRED) by Vampirefangsrules
Harper Daniels is clumsy. Full stop. There's nothing more to say. A recent graduate, she's starting her career at Brewer Enterprises. What happens when she meets James...
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✓ Beautiful Distraction  ( SwaSan FF ) ( Completed )  ✓  by AngelGoldieReal
✓ Beautiful Distraction ( Angel Goldie
college Based Story on SwaSan where Swara Loves Sanskaar Secretly n Calls Him as Mysterious Girl n Makes Sanskaar Fall for Her...A Fun n Love Based Story..
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Devil's Angel(WEEKLY UPDATE) by RoseyBloom4
Devil's Angel(WEEKLY UPDATE)by Rosey Bloom
Its a story about Angels...!!! And you have to know further read inside...!!! Its also based on SwaSan...!!!
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Dauntless Meets Intellect by DangerousBookAddict
Dauntless Meets Intellectby Louisanna Lestrange
He confidently said, "Do you think you can outsmart me --" "I already have." came a voice from above along with the sound of a gun shot. The former...
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You & I by flowersandferries
You & Iby flowersandferries
Ryder was just a regular guy. No scratch that. A hot regular guy that I just bumped into, so I thought. I was wrong big time. Matter of fact, I was wrong about a lot of...
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Sicilian Seductions by AthenaBipasha
Sicilian Seductionsby AthenaBipasha
With smoldering good looks and a killer charm to match, Raul Corpillo was every bit of a man, Nadia Angelus never knew she wanted or could do without. Like a whirlwind...
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Tom Holland Love Story by SarBubbles
Tom Holland Love Storyby SarBubbles
Tom meets a fan and fell for her. Robert his co worker tries to break the couple apart , will they survive his plots. ********* After this series would be my new series...
His Forever by Kenzielovexx13
His Foreverby Kenzielovexx13
Hannah Denbrough, Older Sister of Bill Denbrough, known as the sweetest and smartest girl in Derry. One day, the baddest boy in town Henry Bowers asks her to tutor him w...
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Le livre de la beauté by Ah-Su-Ning21
Le livre de la beautéby Fiona Angel Gerard Ramos Oraiz
This a story that has three chapters, each will take a closer look into the lives of comfort women, it's a mix of triumph and tragic romance. (This book is a work of fic...
The Sixth Son by LastDoDoBird
The Sixth Sonby Beware Of Cats
A peasant girl met the seventh prince in the Forbidden Forest and tried to kill him. But oh wait! They felt something!
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The Love Triangle by annemarieeee2
The Love Triangleby Anne Marie
Emmeline, Marcus, and Elliot take on Sophomore year, struggling to stay alive as the low men on the totem pole. School gets even more complicated when Emmeline and Marcu...
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Manan: Love At First NIGHT?! by Rajnandini4u
Manan: Love At First NIGHT?!by Rajnandini4u
What happens when you are compelled to stay with your rival, the only person you hate so much in the world. And what if the stay is the night long one with the constant...
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PlayToy [Ethan Dolan] by rozedolanz
PlayToy [Ethan Dolan]by Rose Dolan
My closest best friend, is now my bully after being forgotten. But I showed him I was never weak enough for him to break me down. Can I convince him that I've always bee...
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The Dare (TBBV Spin-Off) by zwanky
The Dare (TBBV Spin-Off)by zwanky
Finally! Here is the highly requested TBBV spin-off... Daniel Walker style! You don't need to have read TBBV to fully understand this, however, you will be at a GREAT a...
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Dad's Boss by isofunnie
Dad's Bossby Calie
Luna is 17 years old and an beautiful special girl but no one gets to see that because she stays home all day. Her mother's out of the picture and her fathers works all...
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The Love Affair by Vampirefangsrules
Rose Stanton is a bestseller contemporary romance novelist. She has a mortgage on her four-bedroomed house, a husband and her dream job all before the age of thirty. Bu...
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Enslaved Witch by Kinsleykutie
Enslaved Witchby Marie-Jane Kendrick
When Willow Moore gets kidnapped by the man who pretended to be her friend to lure her into a witch trap she becomes his personal witch slave. Forced to wear a bracelet...
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unexpected love by Paige0132
unexpected loveby Paige0132
Love is found in the most unexpected places. Meet Alyssa Corvan, she is pretty much a loner who doesn't even have one friend. she is a, well, she is a nerd an attractiv...