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The Volturi Daughter

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Chapter 1-


September 13 1917

Volterra, Italy

The whole castle was quiet, except for the screams coming from Aro's wife, Sulpicia. Aro and his brothers Marcus and Caius were the leaders of the Volturi and also the leaders of all vampires. You could say they were royalty. They made sure that no vampires made their kind exposed to the unknowing human world. Aro was a vampire and one of the rare cases where he fell in love with a human, this human being Sulpicia. Vampires are unable to reproduce because when a human female goes through a transformation to a vampire, their body freezes in that age, making them immortal. Therefore resulting in the fact that female vampires cannot reproduce. But they never said that males couldn't reproduce. Aro thought that no vampire could reproduce and took a risk with his wife. She then became pregnant and now she was giving birth nine months later. Aro had had his good friend Carlisle Cullen come and see what was happening with his wife, Carlisle stayed in order to monitor the progress of the baby. He found that Sulpicia went through a normal nine-month pregnancy stage and now he was helping to deliver the baby, being the best vampire doctor as he had great blood resistance.

Screams or agony continued to fill the silenced halls of the castle. Every member of the Volturi guard winced at the sound. It was worse that Jane's power when she used it on other people. Jane's power was to create a mental illusion of pain.

Finally after what seemed like days, the baby was born but Sulpicia did not make it. Carlisle had warned Aro about this, he had researched things like this where generally the babies end up half human and half vampire and the mother usually doesn't survive because the baby rips its way out. But this baby came out the human way, Carlisle had also heard that the pain of childbirth can be too much for the mother and they would pass away shortly after. This was the case of Sulpicia, though the baby did not rip its way out and made to the outside world fine, Sulpicia could not handle the pain and passed away. The tiny cry of the baby could be heard and the guard seemed relieved that they did not have to listen to any more of the screams coming from Sulpicia.

"You're baby girl, Aro." Carlisle said as he handed a beautiful baby girl, who was wrapped up in cloth to keep her warm from Aro's cold skin, to Aro. Aro smiled down at his baby girl. Her face was so peaceful as she slept.

"What will you name her, Aro?" Aro's brother Marcus asked.

"Isabella. Isabella Marie Volturi." Aro replied. He stroked her cheek gently and Isabella's eyes opened slowly. She focused up on Aro who smiled down at her, looking into her chocolate orbs. "Hello, Isabella." Aro whispered before gently kissing her forehead. Isabella's eyes slid shut once more as she snuggled closer to Aro. Aro now looked as though he was about to cry, Isabella was the last part of Sulpicia he had and he would make sure that his Isabella would be safe.

Chapter 1

Making Decisions

September 14 1917

Volterra, Italy

Aro, Marcus, Caius and Carlisle sat in a private room at a square table.

"Carlisle, my friend, how long will you be staying?" Aro asked Carlisle with a smile. It seemed that Aro was always happy.

"Not long, I will stay to monitor the child's growth...but I assume that she will age like any normal human child after the pregnancy stage. She may be smarter than most. But I must return to Chicago soon. Do you intend to let her out?" Carlisle replied.

"Sometimes, but she will have a guard with her if she leaves the castle. I won't let her out until she is older and I don't intend to let her leave the country until I know that she can take care of herself." Aro replied. Carlisle nodded, though it was not the best thing to stay in the castle walls all was probably best for this child.

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