2: The Gang

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Wow. Did that just really happen? I shut my door and stood there for a good minute before I realized what just happened. I broke one of my rules. I need to stop, I need to get him out of my head. I need to cut things off now. I was thinking about calling him and telling him we can't be together when my mother burst through the door. "Sorry the hospital was busy today. There was a murder last night in the alley behind the grocery store. There was a lot going on and I couldn't leave," she made her way to the kitchen to start dinner, "who gave you a ride home? I hope you didn't walk.."
"Oh no, a nice boy gave me a ride home. I got here a few minutes before you."
My mom was giving me the 'ooh your going to date' look that all moms give when you mention a boy. "What's his name? Is he cute? Is he nice? Is he-"
"Stop asking me questions! His name is Stiles, Stiles Stillinski."
"He's the Sheriffs son. He was at the hospital today too. He had another boy and a red headed girl with them too. They were looking at the body. They were talking to his dad and then they left." That must have been where he came from earlier. "Oh, yeah he told me he left during our break. He didn't tell me where though."
When I got into my room I sat in front of my desk. I opened Microsoft Word to begin writing my essay. My mind was still blank as to what to what to write. I started to think about calling Stiles, but I stopped myself.
I pulled on some spandex and put on a sports bra so I could run. I needed to get some energy out. I put on my armband so I could listen to my music. I hit play on my playlist and started running on the sidewalk. Today was my day to find my route.
I decided I would run on the back roads until I was to the hospital, then I would run on the main road past the school, then back to my house. I would end up running for a good hour or so. I was enjoying the pretty scenery that is rarely seen in New York. Not that New York isn't beautiful, because believe me, it is. It's just a change of things that add a little extra beauty. There's beautiful lawns and gardens and the air smells sweet like sugar, the trees are tall and beautiful and full.
The back roads aren't dirt like they are in my hometown, they're paved over. I guess they have a different definition of a back road here. I guess the point of the run wasn't working because I stated thinking of Stiles again. I could have called him and asked for ideas for my paper. I could have told him that we can't be a thing because of my rules. I could let him down easy instead of stringing him along all year, only to leave him hanging in the end. Or I could just give into him and be with him and try to keep it going during college. I don't know what I could do.
I was passing the hospital and saw a huddle of people who appeared to be my age. I stopped and took out one of my earbuds and looked at them for a minute. One of them moved to turn towards me so I quickly turned away. "Luna! Hey come here!" I kept walking to try to avoid whoever was calling my name. "Hey, wait!" They grabbed my shoulder and I turned around.
And of course, it was Stiles. "Oh, hey sorry, I couldn't hear you."
"It's okay, I want you to meet my friends. Hey! Guys! Come here, I want you to meet someone." Six people walked over in our direction. I recognized the girl from Physics class. "This is Luna. She's new, I met her this morning... Are you guys going to introduce yourselves or are you going to stand there like idiots?"
A tall brown haired boy spoke first, "Hi, I'm Scott."
Then a pale redheaded girl," Lydia." She looked uninterested in me.
Then there was a set of twins. I wasn't going to keep their names straight. One had his arm around Lydia. The one on Lydia spoke first, "Aiden," then the other one," Ethan."
There was a cute blonde haired boy, "Hey, I'm Isaac." Oh my god his smile. The dimples!
The girl from Physics class spoke last, "I'm Malia."
"Hi, I'm Luna. It's nice to meet you all." I was very uncomfortable. They didn't look interested in me. Well except for Isaac who kept checking me out. I wanted to continue on my run, I stink and I need to shower. Any time to meet his friends would be better than now.
Lydia began to say, "Okay, well we're going to dinner now so I think we should g-" but Stiles interrupted her. "Do you want to go to dinner with us?"
"I would say yes, but I'm not exactly wearing clothing appropriate for going out to dinner. I think I should probably head home." I turned to continue on my run but once again Stiles stopped me. "I'll drive you back to your house and you can change. I'll wait for you, c'mon get it my jeep.
"Stiles wait your our ride." Lydia was chasing after him. I looked back at the rest of them. They all looked fine, except for Malia, she looked confused and upset about something. "Yeah but you guys know the town, she doesn't. You can walk or call a cab. I'll so you there." When he finished he waited for her to turn around and walk away before getting in the Jeep.
  "Stiles you don't have to take me. I'm okay with sitting at home tonight, I have that essay to do anyways." He started the car and pulled off the side of the road. "We're doing our essays together, remember?" Shit. I didn't want to do that, I need to prevent a relationship with him. "Yeah but it wouldn't do me any good. I still don't know what I can write about. I don't want to be anyone this year. I want to be the invisible girl who isn't noticed. To don't want to be known or remembered. I just want to get through this year."
He pulled onto a dirt road and stopped the car. "You are not going to be the invisible girl you want to be," he says. "You stand out in case you haven't noticed. You are absolutely beautiful and I'm not the only one that noticed. I saw you looking at Isaac so I know you saw him giving you the look down. He's one of many that has noticed you. I'm surprised you aren't out with them instead of a loser like me. You are explaining who I am when you say those things. You won't want to be me." After he finished he looked away and started the car again. He continued along the road, silently. He didn't say another word to me in the car.
He pulled in front of my house so I could get changed. I felt bad about what was said. "Listen Stiles, I'm sorry about what I said, maybe I just shouldn't come tonight."
"You're coming. Or I'm staying, one or the other. I'm not leaving without you."
The last thing I wanted was to be alone with him right now. "Okay, I'll be ten minutes. "
I can't find anything to wear. I have torn my closet apart and there is absolutely nothing that could help me impress Stiles friends.  I ended up finding a cute crop top to show off my flat stomach, hard work pays off, and skinny jeans. I grabbed my high top converse and threw them on before rushing out the door, backpack in hand. 
  "Sorry I took forever." I was out of breath from rushing to the car. "It's okay, I can tell you it was worth it. You look cute.." He looked away and I think he was blushing. That was cuter than how I looked. Now I think I was blushing. We were pulling onto the road and I mentioned the radio was off. "...what do you want to listen to?" He asked. "Whatever's on, I don't really care." He turned the channel and oh my god my favorite song was on! "I love this song!" I exclaimed, I moved my hand to turn up the volume. He did the same because his hand was over mine as I turned up the volume. His hand remained in top of mine as I rested it back on the arm rest. I started to sing the lyrics to the song.
"She's just a little bit older
But I  to get to know her
She said she's already over
So tell me what else can I do?
I bought my fake ID for you
She told me to meet her there
I can't afford a bus fare
I'm not old enough for her
I'm just waiting 'til I'm eighteen"
  I noticed he was staring at me. He had stopped the car and I hadn't noticed. Another thing I had missed was that our fingers were now interlaced and he was lightly rubbing the back of my hand with his thumb. I stopped singing at looked back at him. He started to smile but it wasn't just any smile, it was better than his normal smile. There were two lines that were from his chin to his beautiful cheekbones. His eyes were gleaming like has was looking at something astonishing. But this was from me singing in his car. "Why are you looking at me like that?" I said, breaking the silence. "Because you're beautiful."
   We began to lean towards each other, stopping when we were inches apart. He held my face in his hand and looked me in the eyes. He put his forehead against mine and closed his eyes. He whispered to me, "you are so beautiful." And then he grazed my lips with his. And he kissed me harder. Again. And again. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he was running his hands all over my body. He made his way to my neck, leaving a trail of kisses down my cheek. I pulled him back up to meet my lips with his. 

   He started to remove his shirt when i stopped him. "No, not here. Not now, we have to get to dinner. They're waiting for us." He pulled his mouth back, but kept his forehead on mine. "Damn, your right. We have to go, till next time." He pulled back onto the main road and to our dinner location. It was a cute little diner in the center of town. It was after dark so the lights were on. We went inside and found Scott, Malia, Lydia, Ethan, Aiden and Isaac at the booth in the back. Me and Stiles joined them just as they were ordering food.

   Ethan and Aiden ordered the ribs, Lydia ordered the house salad, not surprisingly, Malia ordered the fried chicken, Ethan and Aiden ordered a whole pizza - for themselves - and Isaac got chicken wings. "How about you two? Do you want anything?"

"Oh, yeah, I'll have the Jack Daniels Burger with a side of mayo." Stiles was practically drooling saying that. "And you, sweetheart?"

"Oh, can i just have an iced tea?" They all looked at me like I was crazy. I wasn't hungry, I was nervous after what happened in the car.

  They started talking about who's giving who rides to school tomorrow. Stiles is taking Isaac, Malia and I. The twins and Scott are riding their bikes, and Lydia drives herself. The waitress made her way out of the kitchen with our food. "Sorry, but the ribs and the wings are going to take a few extra minutes." She handed everyone their food and me, my iced tea. She turned to walk back into the kitchen when the lights went out. She started screaming and I was terrified. I grabbed Stiles hand in hopes that it would comfort me , but it didn't do much. Someone else screamed, so Scott told us to get under the table. Still holding Stiles hand we climbed underneath. Stiles wrapped his arms protectively as another man started to scream. Then the screaming stopped, glass shattered, and then everything was silent.

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