3: Secrets

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   "Don't move," Stiles whispered into my ear. "Scott, go check it out." I heard muffled movements before I heard steps across the floor. Scott began to speak, "everyone, stay down. Isaac come here." Isaac moved quietly out from underneath the table. Ethan and Aided followed behind Isaac, I doubt anyone else knew they had left. They were both in front of me when the - uh - whatever happened, had happened. They began to walk around, searching the premises. I heard doors opening and closing. Then I heard suffocated conversation among the boys.

"What do you think it was? - Kanima? - parallized - or dead?"

"They're all dead." I heard Scott say as he exited the kitchen. "The Diner is empty, you can come out now."

   Stiles pushed lightly on my back, ushering me out. Lydia and Malia followed closely behind. The Diner was still pitch black aside from the flashlights on the boys' phones. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and turned the flashlight on. I felt nauseous looking at what surrounded me. There was blood everywhere. I ran outside of the Diner and leaned on the Jeep. I could hardly stand, the scene that was within the Diner was too extreme for me to handle. I collapsed onto the sidewalk, breathing too heavily too fast. I was having some sort of panic attack. I couldn't calm down. I began seeing spots of black before I couldn't see anything.

   I woke up in a strangers room. There were posters all over the grey walls. I had a blue sheet over my body, like someone tucked me into bed. But I wasn't alone, there was someone in bed with me. I had my clothes on so nothing had happened - thank god. I didn't want to move and wake whoever was next to me, but at the same time I wanted to wake up who the hell had put me into their bed with them. I threw the covers off of my body and jumped onto the floor. I ran around the bed and, hey there was a bat on the floor. I picked up the bat and held it, ready to strike. I kept walking around the bed to look at whoever brought me home with them.

  It was fricking Stiles.

  "Stiles!" I yelled. "What the hell?!" He jumped out of bed, in the funny way he did on the first day of school. "You don't just get to bring me home with you! Why am I here?" He got out of the bed and stood in front of me. He didn't have a shirt on, holy muscles. "You passed out on the sidewalk after what happened at the Diner, I didn't know what happened so I laid you down in the back seat and brought you back to my house. I didn't think you'd mind." He ran his hands through his hair and looked at the floor. "I'm sorry if it scared you but I was worried something had happened to you and I wanted to make sure you were okay."

  "Then you should have taken me to the hospital, or at least home! Not here, Stiles! If something really happened to me that was serious I could have been dead! You can't just bring girls here when you go to their rescue!" I grabbed my bag off the floor and set it on the bed. I checked my phone, 11:20. "Jesus, we're late for school too Stiles! I'm leaving." I put my shoes on and opened the door, continuing down the hallway. "Luna! Wait, please. Don't leave. There isn't school today, they cancelled it. There was 4 other students there that were killed by the Kan-. There's no school today after the losses of last nights accident. The point is that you don't have to leave."

  "What if I want to leave? You brought me home with you and put me in your bed without my knowledge, do you really think that's okay?" I heard a door shut and then Scott saying, "Stiles it was a Kanima last night. We haven't seen anyone with the symptoms but Lydia saw Jackson today. She's bringing him over later. The twins are trying to sniff out a scent to see if it was Jackson or not. Uh oh." He had walked up the stairs and saw me. He didn't know that I was here. "Uhm Scott, not right now. Luna and I were talking."

"Yeah, we're not talking anymore. What the hell is a Kanima? and the twins 'sniffing out' someone? And who's Jackson?" Stiles and Scott shared a look , and not a good one. "Umm, Scott? Care to explain?" They sat me down in Stiles bedroom and explained everything about this 'Supernatural World'. Everything from Werewolves to Alphas and this Kanima and all of the supernatural experiences they have dealt with for the past three years.

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