Chapter 8

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  "Let's go in, shall we?" I ask, opening the doors with an air of confidence.


As soon as we walk in, I realize we are the last ones to arrive.

Everyone else has already taken their appropriate place in front of Jiemma, who is sitting on his throne with rigid posture. All eyes are upon us. Except Minerva...where is she?

  Did all the way to us, even though he knew he might be late?!

  Pushing my thoughts aside, I rush to Jiemma, with Yukino and Sting close behind. I get down on one knee and bow.

  "I apologize for my late arrival, Master." I say. "It won't happen again."

  "Very well, (Y/N)." Master Jiemma says with a warning tone. "Despite your mistake, you will take my side."

   I nod, and stand up. I take my place on the left side of Jiemma, opposite of where Minerva usually stands when meetings are called.

   Why...why does he hold this 'trust' for me?

   I see Rogue shoot me a questioning glance, and I lift up a shoulder slightly to tell him: I don't know. He blinks in response.

  "I also apologize, Master. I wasn't keeping track of time." Yukino says shyly, looking at the ground.

  Master Jiemma pounds his fist on the arm of his throne, and Yukino flinches at the unexpected noise.

"Look at me when you speak!" He demands with a low growl.

   Yukino looks up immediately.

"Yes, Master." She says.

"If you 'lose track of time' again, you're out!" Jiemma yells, his voice full of scorn.

  "Understood." Yukino says calmly.

"Take your place before I change my mind." Jiemma says with a threatening voice. Yukino quickly complies.

  Master Jiemma turns to Sting.

"Same excuse?" Jiemma snarls. Sting nods. "Well, you get the big picture. Don't do it again."

"Yes, Master." Sting acknowledges, then takes his place next to Rogue and his red exceed.

"Now, the meeting shall commence!" Jiemma shouts, his booming voice echoing throughout the guild.

"It turns out," Jiemma begins, his voice full of disgust. "That we may have more competition than we anticipated. A weak guild is apparently rising from the dead, a guild name I hate to say. The rumours I have heard have been confirmed: the despicable guild, Fairy Tail, is back!"

Whispers break out among us. I stumble backwards, barely catching myself, and my eyes widen in pure shock.

Fairy back?! How is that possible?! I saw the destruction Acnologia caused with my own eyes. Tenroujima Island doesn't even exist anymore! What does this mean? What will I do? I can't just leave right after I've been selected to participate in the Grand Magic Games...this is so confusing!

"Silence!!!" Master Jiemma roars.

The conversation is unnaturally muted, leaving a dismayed lull to the atmosphere.

"It matters not that Fairy Tail has joined the competition. That guild is full of crap! We are SABERTOOTH!! We will conquer, we will ravage, WE WILL SHOW FIORE THAT WE ARE THE NUMBER ONE GUILD!!!"

"BECAUSE WE ARE SABERTOOTH!!" We shout in response to Jiemma's 'inspiring' speech. He nods in approval.

  "Everyone who I selected for the Grand Magic Games, come see me! Everyone else, you are dismissed!" Master Jiemma says.

   Not this again. I think. Why am I always singled out?
  Everyone but Yukino, Sting, Rogue (along with their exceeds), and I file out of the guild.

  The Twin Dragons and Yukino walk forward so they are directly in front of Jiemma. I hurriedly join them, standing next to Yukino.

   "I see that Orga and Rufus have already left to their training grounds." Jiemma points out. "When are you going?"

   "Master, we were planning to research places for training tomorrow morning." I answer.

  "Tell me when you have selected your choice." He grunts.

   "Of course, Master." I say.

"If you fail to win any battle, fairly matched or not, you will be kicked out of the guild. If you conspire with another guild, you shall be punished." Master Jiemma informs us.

I shiver at the thought of 'punishment'.

"Got it?" He sneers.

"Hai, Master." We say in unison.

"(Y/N)," I stiffen at the sound of my name. "I trust you not to make contact with Fairy Tail. You will not be forgiven if you do. Understand?"

I nod, not trusting my words.

"Good. I expect everyone to perform well." Jiemma finishes. "I will see you tomorrow."

  That's probably the nicest thing he's ever said. I think.

  "Hai, Master. We will not let you down." Yukino responds.

  I bow once again, then start walking to the guild doors, feeling many emotions fight for dominance in my mind.

  I hear the footsteps of my teammates trailing behind me. Footsteps of...tigers.

   This proves too much for me, and as soon as I step foot out of the guild, I start sprinting to my home, tears threatening to make an appearance.

  I hear someone calling after me, but I ignore them. I just keep running, letting my tears run down my cheeks.

  Natsu...Lucy...minna...I'm sorry for abandoning you.

  When I arrive at my condo, I quickly unlock it with shaky hands and burst through my door.

I don't even bother to lock it, instead I close it behind me and run upstairs to my bedroom.

I kick off my shoes before burying myself under my covers, sobbing into my pillow.

I left them when they needed me the could I do that?! I abandoned my family because of my own selfish desperation...why? Why couldn't I have just stayed...? Look at the mess I've made. If I even say a 'hello' to any of my former acquaintances, I'll be punished. Whatever that means...

I slowly stop my relentless sobbing, leaving my eyes red and puffy.

No! I won't let Jiemma confine me like this! I will visit them sometime, discreetly...during the Grand Magic Games.

I sigh deeply, and start thinking about all the good times I had in Fairy Tail. Those four years...were the best years of my life.

  My breaths get heavier, and I fall asleep crying once more.


Regret is a sad thing, is it not? D:

I hoped you enjoyed my longer chapter. How many of you were expecting Jiemma to announce that? XD

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