Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Friends?

When the jet black car comes to a hault in front of the chapel. Toby's hand instantly goes to the door and opens it with a small click before strolling to the other side of the vehicle to pull the hand forward and let the door click. Out steps Jenna, reaching out waiting for Toby to grab ahold of her bony hand. She smiles with a sly grin and with a tiny bit of gratitude in it.

It was mid day, with the sun shining up above them. Birds chirping in the nearby trees acting as if it was a normal day, but it wasn't. The towns bully was found dead a week ago and Toby Cavanaugh couldn't help, but feel weight being lifted off of his shoulders. He started feeling the air push him down again when Jenna stood a little bit closer to his body, leaking into his air bubble that he had around his body ever since he was sent to juive.

"I'm missed you soo much." Jenna whispers in his ear with a slight purr, making Toby gulp as her hand went from his own to her elbow. She latched her long skinny arm around his own like they were conjoined at the elbow. The young teen shook his head a couple of times before pushing open the chapel's black doors. He peers around the room a couple of times before his ocean eyes land on the group of girls sitting in the very first row, with Mrs. Dilaurentis next to them. "Sit." Jenna commands in a low voice, making Toby snap out of his daydream.

He starts pulling on Jenna's arm leading the way down the aisle before finding the perfect two opens seats. He feels a dozen eyes on him as he helps Jenna sit down in the seat. His eyes only go up a second, but during that second he recognized the eyes that landed on him. Alison's posse that consisted of 5 girls.. well now 4. Spencer, Emily, Hanna, and Aria. Their eyes were only locked onto his for a second, then everyone's eyes were onto the casket sitting in the front if the room with the blonde's photos everywhere. Just how Alison would have loved it.

Words start coming out of the pastors mouth as he starts talking.
As soon as the ceremony ended, the blue eyed teen walking with Jenna next to him couldn't help, but peer over at the group of girls would were standing in a perfect circle staring into space. All of sudden their phones start going off including his own.  They look up from their phone and see that his phone went off along with their own. "I'm still here bitches, and I know everything -A."  the four liars read in unison. Toby feels a gulp go down his throat after realizing that Alison's posse isn't the one who is sending the texts.

If it wasn't them, then who was it? What could A possibly stand for? Bunches of questions were running through his mind at this moment he didnt realize when a hand touched his shoulder. "Did you get the same text?" the girl named Emily Fields inquires showing him the message signed by mystery A.

"Yea." he answers truthfully. He didn't want to really talk to the group of girls who got him sent to juive, but he did also want to thank them for getting him away from his evil step sister, also known as Jenna Marshall. "What does it mean?"

"I don't know." she answers in an unsteady voice. "I just know that this person knows all of our secrets that Alison knew."

"Toby i'm ready to go." the person he didnt want to be around tells him poking her cane at him. He sighs before giving Emily the first smile he has done in a long time.  Toby's mystery blue eyes flicker around the small area around him looking for the group of girl. They were standing beside the car, pale as snow, looking as if they had saw a ghost a couple of moments ago.

How could somebody that knew all of their texts be talking to them? When they just had her funeral. So many questions he had that probably would never get answered. His eyes stayed on the clique of girls talking. Should he trust them? Even if he worked with them to find out who this A person was didn't mean he actually had to be their friend. He evently locks his arm around Jenna's pulling her to the black car with its engine still on waiting to start driving.

"Thank you for all of your help Toby." Jenna tells him with a small pat on the arm as if he was her seeing eye dog. The blue eyes go into a small spin knowing that her gratitude was all fake. It was cover. This wasn't really her true personality, there wasnt a nice bone in her body and Toby knew that from experience. The car ride to the house was slow. Toby was wishing that his dad would drive them faster, he couldn't stand another minute with the sly teen next to him. When the car slowed down in front of the white house, Toby practically jumped out of the car leaving Jenna and his dad in the car.

This was the worst day of his life... he was back in a house with Jenna again.
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