Chapter 33-Jealous?

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"James..." Harper croaked, her voice barely strong at all. James stumbled up closer, the light embracing upon his face as his heavy glance locked into hers. "I-I mean...M-Mr Brewer. What are you doing here?" She stuttered, biting hard down onto her lip. James parted his lips however no words came from his lips, instead he held his hand against his forehead almost to hide his face before muttering beneath his breath. "Do you feel something for that man?" Harper froze, her brow frowning as she felt her cheeks flush. "H-How did...did you know about, I mean was...were you following me?" James bit his tongue as he looked to the side of him, his expression giving no hint whatsoever, instead he met her eyes again and persisted. "Do you?"

Harper blinked several times as she mumbled. "He's my friend. We were just going out for a night out. I don't understand why you...would follow me?" James coldly grinned. "I had to make sure you wouldn't do something you'd regret. Now." His eyes narrowing, the apparent hunger growing as he muttered. "Then you won't mind what I do next." Harper couldn't manage a word but just stood there as James stepped even closer that now he was sharing the limited room on the doorstep, his eyes flickered to her rising chest that she didn't even realise she was breathing faster by the second. Then unexpectedly, he raised his hand to her cheek, caressing slowly with his back hand. Harper bit her lip, her heart was literally beating from her mouth, she had to supress the ever growing bubble of thrill as she held her glaze upon him.

"You're beautiful, you know that?" He muttered, Harper parted her lips but before she could, James leaned in holding her chin as he pressed her lips very softly against her lips. It felt like nothing before, it was not rough but passionate and for that moment, Harper felt like it was for real. She couldn't even move, she just froze as he held her face cupped within his hands kissing her lips. James pushed her gently back that she felt the door pressed into her back, instantly it was like she was not in control anymore, that she moved her arms around his neck for support but from her own urge wanting more of him. James moved his one free hand to her hand where she gripping a key, freeing it from her grasp he removed his lips for a second opening the door. Harper was such in a daze that she didn't protest but instead grabbed his collar from his shirt and pulled him in. James immediately wrapped his arms around her waist before reclaiming her lips then gently pushing her back. Harper was pushed back onto the couch as James crawled onto top of her, his lips became more aggressive and rough as his hands tugged onto her one thigh to press it against the side of him. Harper felt her face become more flush but it did settle that longing she had felt since the last time they were this close. It felt so good being close to him, his hands embracing her felt like he actually wanted her.

Nothing could supress this moment, James thought as he pushed her more into the couch. This was all he wanted, her lips against his and the fact she invited him made him feel more wanted. There was no feeling to explain how he felt now, but it was too overwhelming, it made him become more rougher. He wanted her...needed her. Harper gasped with little air she had, he bit playfully onto her bottom lip causing a little moan to escape from her lips. He liked that sound, he didn't want to stop, it was like years he hadn't felt her lips against his. There was this selfish need that was feeling him to make her never see that guy again. Harper could feel him become rough, his weight upon her made it difficult to move and his hands couldn't help to roam freely upon her body, the occasion squeezing. Eventually it was all to much and the guilt of knowing she was kissing her boss crept upon her.

"James." She gasped, his lips distracted kissing down her neck. James grinned between his lips. "I know." Harper shook her head trying to bite back a moan as he continued. "James...wait!" He stopped, playfully moaning as he sat up. "Stop the fun, why don't you?" He chuckled, holding his hands out to pull her up. She looked away from his face, the guilt tearing away at her. James frowned, tilting her chin to face him. "What's up?" Harper bit her lip looking into his eyes for a second before flickering them away.

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