Chapter 11

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Isabella's POV

*the coronation day (your dress is up)

The next moring, Lora and Elisa helped me get dressed and curled my hair. I got out of my room not before thanking them and went to meet with the others. After the coronation we got our horses and with Caspian in the lead me between Peter and Susan and all the people cheering on Caspian and us. Everyone is happy about the new king and their hard earned freedom.

The same night Caspian and I were together all the day, we saw the fireworks together and we dance. In his main speech we announced that we are together and everyone was really happy.   After some more dancing and talking we were exhausted and we went to sleep, him and I in our bedroom.

The next moring I got dressed and Elisa told me that my father asked to speak to Peter, Susan and myself

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The next moring I got dressed and Elisa told me that my father asked to speak to Peter, Susan and myself. I left all of my stuff at Caspian's and I room along with a note.

My love, I'll have to go back to England.

I will not forget about you and I'll always love you. Please wait for me and keep my stuff safe.

I will come back even if its impossible, keep Narnia safe for me and everyone else in our kingdom.

I love you with all my heart. 

Your one and only, Bella.

''And for that reason you two are not coming in Narnia again.'' my father say to Peter and Susan, you see the grow old and they took and give Narnia too much so the have to go ''But father what about me?'' I asked, I'm the same age as Susan after all. I was so afraid that he will say the same to me  ''Well my dear Isabella you will come one more time but only one more, then you have to decide if you are going to stay in England, if you are going to came with my at my land or if you are going to stay in Narnia.'' he say I looked down at my shoes ''Your majesty.'' my dad say and we all look up to see Caspian. I give him a sad smile he look at me and say ''We are ready, everyone has ascended.'' still looking at me, I give him another sad smile and start walking to the gathering spot alone.

''Narnia belongs to the Narnian's just as much as Termar, every Telmarian that want to stay and leave in peace are welcome to, but as any of you wish to leave Aslan is going to return you to the the home of our forefather.'' Caspian say to the Telmarines and the Narnians ''Is been generations since we left Telmar.'' someone say but I start drawing to my thoughts what will happen if i leave Narnia now? Will I'll come back again after 1.000 years or sooner? I don't want to come back and find Caspian dead. I know that I have to leave, I don't know why but I know that I have to. I started paying attention again ''The same world when our kings and queens are coming from, is that the place I can take you, is the perfect place to make a new start.'' my Father finished his speech that I didn't listen to oops ''I will go, I will accept the offer.'' a men say ( you all know him but I don't remember his name sorry )

''So will we.'' Caspian's aunt say with her baby in her hands and her father follow her ''Because you have spoken first your future and your world should be good.'' my father say and blow on them then the tree near as open like a portal. They go through and they disappeared. ''Where did they go?'' someone say from the crowd '' How do we know he is not leading us to our death?'' some other say, Reep say that he can sent eleven mice to prove that is safe but I know that we have to go.

''We will go.'' Peter say stepping forward ''We will?'' Ed ask as I put my hand on Peter shoulder, he say ''Come on, our time's up.'' he go in front of Caspian and say ''After all we are not needed here anymore.'' and give him his sword ''I will look after it until you return.'' Caspian say taking Peter sword ''I'm afraid that is that just it, we are not coming back.'' Susan say looking sad ''We are not?'' Lucy ask as I give her a hug. I looked at Caspian ''You three are, at least I think he means you three.'' Peter say ''But why? Did the did something wrong?'' Lucy ask ''The exact opposite Lucy.'' I say as I pull away from our hug feeling Caspian's eyes on me , ''Your brother and sister have learned a lot from this world and now is time to live in their own.'' father say.

''It's alright Lu, is harder than I thought it will be but is alright, one day you will see it too.'' Peter say and takes Lucy small hand in his as all of us say goodbye to our friends, I say goodbye to everyone except my father and Caspian. I walk to my father ''Father.'' I say and hug him really tight ''my dear I will see you again, I love you.'' ''I love you to daddy.'' I say and pull away but before I left I whispered in his ear ''Please make sure that Caspian will still be here when I come back.'' he nods and I run in Caspian's arms. I hugged him tight but not as tight as he hugged me ''Please come back soon.'' he whisper at my ear ''I will, promise that you will not forget me.'' I say and pull away ''I promise my love.'' he say, I put out my pinky.

He puts his pinky in mine ''I promise you, you are the only one for me. I love you Isabella.'' he say I kiss his cheek and say ''I love you too.'' and start walking to the guys that they are waiting at me in front of the tree but I feel Caspian take my hand in his and he flip me and kiss me and I kiss back. This kiss was full with passion and love, after the kiss I walk to the guys with no one to stopping me this time, I looked back at him one more time as a tear left my eye. He blows me a kiss and I did the same. Susan takes my hand and we walk through the tree and we are back at the train station. The train door opens in front of us and we step in. Ed say that we have to go back to Narnia and I ask him why and he say because he left his torch there.

I smile at that and we all go to our new school, but I want to come back, I regret leaving Narnia and I already miss him....

I love him....

And I want to go back....

I smile one more time an the thought of him but I will smiled longer if I knew that it was the last I'll truly smile....

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