chapter 5

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Courtney's POV

OMG. I slapped her. I have never hit anyone before. Not a soul and here i am, going around hitting people because they kissed the boy I'm a date with?! What's gotten into me?

The girl turned and fled out of the room, not before glaring at me with daggers in her eyes. Her boss sighed quietly then walked away to another table.

"I-I', sorry. I didn't think i would..." I said turning my obviously flushed face back to Jax.

"It's fine. She had no right to do that. I think I wou..."
That's when a girl came rushing up to us. A beautiful girl with a checkered black and red top and tight black jeans, boots up to her knees and ray bands on her head. Her hair was very short and hung over one eye with strips of red in it, as if she had coloured it herself.
"Jax! I'm really awfully sorry to interrupt and I know you said not to come here unless it was an absolute emergency but I think this is a pretty big one but I can go if you don't..."
"Beth stop it's alright just tell me what's going on," Beth then opened her mouth and closed it looking at me as if she had only just noticed me.
"Jax I can't tell you in front of her. In fact I can't tell you in front of anyone!" She hissed and I felt a sudden punch to the stomach. Who was this girl?!
Jax shook his head,
"It will have to wait till after my date Beth, you know I won't leave her." I smiled at his words feeling slightly comforted that I was more important to him than whatever Beth possibly has to say.
"It's about," she pointed upwards, "him!" I glanced up at Jax, at his perfect features, gorgeous and stunning, and saw his quick hesitation, then another shake of his head.
"My words still stand." I had no idea what they were talking about but I could tell by Beth's urgent tone that it was important.
"You can go if you want," I said quietly. Jax's eyes met mine and I felt my knees grow weak under his gaze.
"Baby this is our night and nothing's going to spoil it. Beth I will see you tomorrow." Beth shook her head then turned to me.
"It was a pleasure to ummm, meet you but hopefully next time we will really be able to talk. See you soon Courtney." With that she spun on her heels and walked away.
I looked up at Jax, the worry probably plain on my face but I didn't try to hide it.
"Don't worry about her she's just a close friend." I nodded slowly not quiet understanding how he had a close friend and been here so little amount of time. On the other hand I was on a date with him and he was nearly a stranger. Maybe we should slow down...
"Come on our food will be here shortly." We sat down and Jax held out his hands again and I took them quickly loving the small buzz whenever our skin touched. I still couldn't believe I had said I was falling in - no that I might be falling in love with him. And yet I could believe it because I honestly think I am. He makes me feel something no one else does and even though I met him such a short time ago he really steemed to care for me. It was insane I know.

Sorry for the short update but here's a little more, what do you guys think? Who do you think Beth is?

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