Chapter 1

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     A wooden door bursts open. "Ahhhh!" A raven haired boy stretches his arms high above his head, yawning so hard that he is forced to shut his eyes. He blinks sleepily before shaking it off with excitement. "So..." He stands proudly with his arms on his waist before a half-occupied bedroom. "Who's lucky enough to get the privilege of being my dorm mate?"

     Pink hair pops up from behind the already employed twin bed, where the person had been working at a small desk on his computer. The person glared at the source of the intrusion through thick glasses. The newcomer flinched.

     Shaking it off, he walks over to his new living buddy and offers his hand. "Yuichiro Hyakuya! I hope we can get along!" He laughs cheekily.

     "Likewise." The man stands up, his towering height a bit intimidating. He slaps Yuichiro's hand away. "I'm Shiho Kimizuki. Now, if you don't mind, I was trying to get some classwork done before Monday."

     Yuichiro freezes with distaste. He sighs frustratedly, turning around to leave. He waves his hand around as he goes. "Yeah, whatever, buddy. I'll come back later. Hopefully, you'll be more willing to get along by then."

     Shiho jumps out of his seat angrily. "Why, you-!" The wooden door slams shut before he can finish.

     Yuichiro lets out another deep sigh. "Well, isn't my roommate just pleasant?" He mumbles angrily as he walks down the hall. Just then, only a couple of doors down from his room and on the opposite side of the hall, a smaller boy pops out in front of Yuichiro. Recognizing that he is new, the brunette stops abruptly. A smile spreads across his face, his lime green eyes lighting up. "I'm Yoichi! It's a pleasure to meet you!" He sticks out his hand kindly.

     Yuichiro shakes it gratefully. "The name's Yuichiro, but you can just call me Yuu!"

     Yoichi nods at the invitation. "Which room is yours?" Yuichiro points down the hall, grunting at the thought of his unfavorable sleeping buddy. Yoichi perks up in surprise. "Oh, with Kimizuki-senpai!"

     "Yeah, that guy." Yuu exhales dramatically. "And why would you bother addressing that four eyes as 'senpai'? He's done nothing to deserve the title."

     "Well, uh..." Yoichi tugs at a loose strand of hair, looking off to the side. He laughs awkwardly. "Did no one really tell you? Kimizuki-senpai is in charge of our living area."

     Yuu snickers, looking away a bit embarrassedly. "Not like he's deserving."

     Yoichi chuckles nervously. "Well, he's nice if you get to know him."

     Yuu mumbles exasperatedly, "I'll have plenty of time for that."

     Yoichi looks around as if to find some sort of excuse to escape the conversation, which seems to be steadily growing in awkwardness. He looks down at the computer bag in his hand. "Ah, uh! I've got to get working on my essay! I'll be in the library if you need me for anything!" With that, he dashes off and disappears around the corner of the living hall.

     Yuichiro waves him off nonchalantly. A thought then hits him. I could have asked him for a tour of the place. Yuu searches his body for his belongings and hopefully a map before realizing that he dumped his bags in his dorm before stomping out, and no way is he going back there. All he has is his phone, wallet, and his dorm key, all resting in his left pocket. Yuu groans. "Well, may as well find my way around the campus myself."

     After a couple of hours of exploring and a quick stop for dinner, Yuichiro makes it back to his room, exhausted. He pulls his dorm key out of his pocket and unlocks the door hastily before putting the key back in his pocket. Shiho isn't there, to Yuichiro's relief. He still hopes for the sake of his sanity that they will get along eventually, but throwing sleepiness into the mix of their heated arguing isn't the best idea. It's around nine o'clock, and for a day full of traveling and exploring, that feels really late. Yuichiro will have to unpack tomorrow.

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