krýa kardiá or cold hearted

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I don't own Percy Jackson (wish I did tho). All bragging right go to Rick Riordan.

Percy POV.
I just dodged a spear to the face from a enemy demigod. I chopped his spearhead off and knocked him unconscious. I heard screaming from the one I loved. My wise girl. My everything. Got stabbed by Gaea in the heart and seeing got me heartbroken and furious. I charged her with everything. I had a tsunami about 70ft high smashed into her turning her into mud. She reformed instantly I slashed at her she tried to block it but I went right through her sword cutting off her sword arm rendering her defenseless. I took that second to stab her heart. Being right a cliff side she fell into the water and rocks. I looked down and saw her sword blade sticking out of my left side rib cage. I stumbled and fell I saw a blurry Poseidon, Zeus, Apollo, and what looked like Artemis muttering something about me being the last decent male on earth. I just felt cold like sitting in Antarctica naked at midnight about that cold. I heard my father say he loved my and I would be his best and favorite kid ever. For some reason I doubt him. I couldn't feel my arms or legs. I felt my body go slack but I didn't feel my soul leave my body. I layed there motionless unable to do any thing until I heard a voice I wasn't my time yet.
Poseidon POV.
I saw my son. My flesh and blood. Get stabbed by Gaea with a earth sword from behind that back-stabbing bitch stabbed my son she stooped pretty low even for a evil primordial.
Time skip 3 hours later
We gathered up all the bodies we could and made them each shrine but the biggest for my son I asked for him to be in the water. We set all aflame and watched them all being burned annabeth, nico, and over 100 demigod bodies burned and even one God had to reform guess who the was (Ares).

I found out I have another kid his name is James he has a awesome life as a demigod so far. Well the fates seem to take and give.
Percy POV
I felt hot like someone threw me in a fire. Oh I was in a fire. My shrine is being burned and they put it on the water. Wow I must be lucky today didn't die and being burned on water.

After about 2 hours I swam to a shore I'm going to guess it's 1pm. So I'm walking down the street with one burnt shoe and burnt pants also half a shirt. So about 3 girls hit on my in about 20 minutes. Time to get a new shirt I went in a store to get a shirt then get attacked when I find the perfect shirt then gets a nice slash threw it by a hellhound i pull out my sword and just stab it and walk out the store.

Time skip 1 week
I've been running from about 50 cyclops for about 2 days now there are only 21 cyclops left and I am super tired the only thing keeping me going is adrenaline.
Suddenly all of the monsters are gone and they are replaced with what I assume are gods.

Third POV
The middle was a female who kept her head held high is Artemis. To the left of her was another female that seemed to give off a home like feel this is hestia. To the right of Artemis was a cheery girl with enough perfume to kill an elephant this is Aphrodite. Beside Hestia is a man wearing swimming shorts and a sleeveless shirt with flip flops he had a layed back feel to him this is Hydros. Beside Aphrodite is dark man he seem to suck all the light and the shadows latch on to him this is Erebus. Next to Hydros is a tall man he seems translucent like he is there but he isn't he gave off a aura that made you want to bow this is Uranus. Next to Erebus was like him but less powerful but this man gave off a glumy aura this is Hades. Hestia was the first to approach Percy.

Percy POV
Hestia walked toward me and said "Percy would you like to be my champion". I was thrilled my favorite goddess want me to be her champion! I excitedly replied " I would love to!" Then she blasted my with a white hot beam after a while it cooled off. The rest of the gods and primordials blessed my except Artemis she came up to me and told me what has transpired at Olympus. They ordered me to be captured or killed on sight. Wow this is how they treat the twice time savior of Olympus. Artemis asked me if  I worked with Gaea in the war because that's what they were saying that at camp. I almost went off on her she thinking me working with Gaea. I just calmly replied " my fatal flaw is loyalty and personal loyalty I couldn't just abandoned Camp half-blood or Olympus." She stood there for about 2 minutes until she asked me if I want to travel with her hunters. "Sure" was the only thing I said. She told me to change my appearance with Aphrodite's blessing.

She flashed me into her tent and shoved me out. All the hunters whipped out bows and asked me what I was doing here boy. I told Artemis flashed me here I said one of them shot at me but Thalia saved me not that I needed saving but I didn't want to use my powers so I had my sword out in less than a second. Artemis came out of the tent and asked why two arrows were on the ground broken I explained why. Then Artemis glared at Anna the hunter that tried to shoot me and said "This boy will be staying with us until Olympus sees their mistake." All of the hunters groaned and whined about boys being weak and how they can't defend themselves Artemis told them to bed. Artemis turned to me gave me a tent to put up somewhere away from her hunters. I went a good ways in the woods set up my tent.

Time skip 2 weeks
I just finished sharpening the arrows about 1000 my last chore of the day is dinner which is was easy since I could summon food. I went to the dinning area to serve dinner. It went well until a wave of monsters attacked near the end of the meal. It was 230 monsters attacking I took out more than half of course using sword only and because they were all focused on me as the hunters sniped them from the camp hardly moving at all.

After the battle Artemis announced that we would have to back the camp. I yelled "Hell no!" Most the hunters looked at me like I was crazy. Artemis just slapped me and told me to shut up and suck it up. I went to go get ready to back to camp hellhole.

Jason POV at camp 2 weeks ago
The Roman and the Greek camps merged. We both lost people in the war mostly the Greeks. Probably cause their poor training. Almost all of camp went in a deep depression the Stolls stopped pranking people everyone stopped joking and playing around everyone was sluggish there was only 255 demigods left we had new ones coming in every week mostly from Aphrodite and Hermes. I had a scream from the hill where my sister's tree is it was only a baby hellhound chasing a 13 year old kid the kid fell and the hellhound started eat his pants. I had no sword so I curb stumped it. The hellhound crumbled to a small pile of dust. I picked him up because he fainted went he saw the hellhound chewing on his pant leg and put him in the apollo cabin bed the nurse walked up and asked me what happened I told her she just laughed. I went to find Chiron to tell him that we had a new camper. He told me that the hunters were coming to camp.

Percy pov
I really didn't want to go back to that place so I looked around for a river or stream and saw a stream about 50 feet away. I ran for it not caring for the yelling coming from the hunters and just dove in the water. Artemis flashed to Olympus after she couldn't find me .

Time skip 3rd POV throne room
Artemis shot an arrow into the air for a meeting. Not caring for Percy's protection. Zues started by asking his daughter why she called the meeting she said she had Percy in her custody but lost him in the water. Apollo and Hermes both started laughing at her mistake until Zues had enough and slammed his bolt on the ground. Zues told her to keep trying and kill him on sight next time.

Percy POV
I finally made it to Alaska I ate some food and passed out for 2 days straight and I wanted to train for the next couple of years of peace using my new powers.

Jason POV at camp
The hunters looked mad for some reason so I asked Thalia why she said that they found Percy ALIVE! Somehow he lived but he escaped from them just in time. What I want to know was how he survived.

Time skip 3 years

Percy pov
I was using my shadow abilities then a portal popped into existence I went in guard mode instantly then out came a little girl about the age of 7 she skipped up to me and said "Are you Percy Jackson". I didn't know what to say so I just said yes. She smiled and changed in a 21 year old woman and said "I am chaos the creator of this universe". I was speachless. I was in front of the most powerful being in the universe. Then what she said next shocked me the most was "Do you want my blessing?". She said so casual like an everyday thing."I would love to".

And that's all for this chapter now for the next one.

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