blush sanji x reader

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you had a crush on Sanji and nobody knew that...but Nami. some how she figured out. you guys were curently in the bath talking.

"robin?" nami asked
"did you know (y/n) likes sanji?"
"no i did this true (y/n)?" robin asked you.
"n-no!" you blurted at them with a huge blush
they bolth laughed at your reaction. which didnt help your blush.

you got out of the bath and went to your room. you changed into some jean shorts with lace on the side, your sandals, and your (f/c) shirt. you walked out on the deck and sat in one of the lawn chairs looking out into the ocean.

"(y/n) - swaaaaaaaann!~" you heard sanji call out to you.
" i made your favorite smoothie my dear!~" he said handing you a smoothie and a piece of paper.
"w-whats this?" you asked pointing at the paper with a small blush on your face.
"its a note for you my dear (y/n)-swan!~" he said before walking off.

dear (y/n),

meet me in the kitchen in ten minutes.

                                    your prince,

there was a little heart drawn next to his name. it made your blush get redder. it seemed like you were waiting forever.

~ten mins later~

you walkinto the kitchen to be greeted with an amazing smell. you looked over to see a take with one candle in the middle. it seemed like a table for two. you and sanji maybe? the thought made you blush.

"good evening (y/n)-swan! " he said taking your arm and leading you to the table with the candle. he sat you down pushing your chair in for you.

"t-thank you."
"whats all this about?" you asked curiously.
"well (y/n) my dear i have somthing to confess to you. i.....i love you!" he blurted out that last part.
"you l-love me?"
"yes..i do and i swear i wont fawn over any other girls than you my dear (y/n)! ill love you with all my heart!"
"i....i love you to Sanji." you said blushing.
"your really cute when you blush"
"t-thanks." you mumbled.

he leaned over the table pushing the candle out of the way. he cupped your cheeks in his hands and kissed you passionatly. you were shocked but eventally your eyes drifted closed and your fingers were tangled in sanjis hair pressing you guys even closer making sanji moan quietly. you pulled away.

"did Nami tell you that i like you?"
"yep" he smiled.

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