Mihawk x Reader HAWKWARD

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You spun around looking at your self ina mirror. Damn you looked fabulous in mihawks clothes. You grabbed his hat and placed it on your head. Tou grabbed the broom and held it like a sword making a bored face, imitating mihawk. You failed to here the foot steps coming closer and closer. Mihawk opened the door to his room and looked at you with on raised brow. You snapped your head tword him and blushed a little.

"Care to explain?"

There was a long silence between you two.

"Well...this is Hawkward."

He shook his head and walked out closing the door behind him.

--------------------- A/N

Sorry for it being so short but i thought this might be funny/ cute. Lol hope you enjoy! And make sure to leave a comment on who you want me to write about next.

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