Chapter 6

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"M-Make it official? W-What do you mean?" Lucy stuttered a bit as her heart raced.
Sting leaned in closer as he was about to steal Lucy's first kiss away from Natsu.
As this was happening Natsu paused and a burning passion of hate grew in his heart, along with rage a disappointment.
At that very moment when Lucy and Sting were going to kiss, Gray bursts through the room and Lucy jumps backwards.
"Lucy!!! It's an emergency!" Gray shouted in a panic.
"What's wrong?!" Lucy jumped up in a hurry completely forgetting Sting was there.
"The master has collapsed in the guild! Porlyusica is there examining him. You should be there with us. Where's Natsu?!"
"He's on a job with Mira, Elfman, and Lisanna."
"I guess they'll find out when they get back. Hopefully it's soon. Anyways let's go!"
"Yeah!" Then they ran out the door. Sting noticed that Gray's scent was different from normal. It was odd. He ended up following them on a whim.
Lucy stopped. "It's extremely dark outside and we've been running around in circles... Plus this isn't the way to the guild..." Lucy backed up a bit as she reached for her keys then noticed they were gone. "M-My keys!..." Lucy backed up even more.
"What's wrong Lucy? Why are you backing away? Is it because you don't have these?" Gray smirked and pulled out her keys and held them in his hands. "A celestial wizard without her keys is almost next to useless. Lucy Heartfilia... The celestial wizard with almost all 12 gate keys. Well you can't have all 12 anymore because you broke one." He pulled out Aquarius' broken key. "Oh my my my. Look what you've done to the poor girl."
"Shut up!! Don't touch her key!" Lucy screamed.
"Now why can't I? Heheh..." Gray smirked.
"Just who are you?!"
"Me? That's not important. What's important is taking care of you!" Said the Gray impostor. "I need you for an experiment." He said as he out the keys away.
"An experiment? What experiment?" She said slightly backing up more.
He laughed evilly. "You'll see."
Lucy backed up some more wondering what she was going to do and slightly screaming out Natsu's name in her head as ice froze over her body.
"Lucy...." Natsu said quietly turning around.
"Natsuuuu~ Nows not the time to be thinking about Lucy!" Happy said. "You have to be a ninja!!"
"I know but... I can't help it. Something feels off."
"Let's just get over with the job." Happy said.
"Okay then I'm goin' in." Natsu said as he disappeared.
"N-Natsu wait!" Happy flew after him.
"Oh jeez looks like the plan is ruined huh?" Lisanna said.
"Yeah. But at least they're being man about it." Elfman said as flames shot out of the tavern.

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