Don't Let me be Lonely (Neil Perry and The Band Perry story)

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McKenzie is being moved to Tennessee her sophomore year of high school. Her parents force her to go to the biggest school in the little county of Greenveille. Greenville High. She isn't very thrilled, and she feels like she is wasting her parents money because they don't live in the area of Greeneville High, so her parents have to pay one thousand dollars just to let her go to the best school in the county.

Neil Perry is a sophomore at Greeneville High. His brother Reid is a Senior and his sister Kimberly is already graduated and is normally with her little band. Neil is very close with his siblings and the people of Greeneville and he is always happy to be a Greeneville devil. He cheers on his school and is one of the best kids at the school.

When McKenzie Liddle moves to town, Neil is acquainted with her and to show her around the school. Its almost the middle of the first nine weeks of school, and they have all classes together, amazingly. Neil and her get paired together in multiple projects in their classes and they become close.

all rights reserved to Neil, Kimberly, and Reid Perry, but I've been wanting to read some band perry stories, and I've only found two, so I thought I would write one, no matter how bad it is. Hope someone likes this and enjoys reading.

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