Chapter 24- Resisting is harder than it seems

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"Now are you sure you're ready?"-

"Yes!" Harper sighed, lifting her bag up to emphaise her point.

"Are you sure?"-

"Yes!" She snapped.


Harper frowned punching him in lightly in the arm. "If I said I'm ready, I'm ready!" James smirked as he grabbed her small suitcase passing it over to Samuels. It was Saturday afternoon, Harper had somehow persuaded Dani that she was going to a conference meeting and not the truth that she was playing hoax of being her boss's fake girlfriend. She didn't feel right lying, it wasn't her nature but his boyish charms just got to her. Samuels loaded up the car as James opened the door for her.

"Ladies first."He grinned holding the door. Harper got in, the hint of his colgone as she passed him invading her nostrils. He smelt so clean and it was very addictive. Harper scooted across to the far side as James climbed in after her whislt Samuels put the last bag in.

"So, does Samules know about...this...arrangment?" She asked, rather timidly. James looked over to her grinning. "No and yes, why do you ask?" Harper shrugged her shoulders before looking back out of the window. Samuels got in at the front and began the engine. "Where to Mr Brewer?" He asked looking through the rear mirror. James said. "To my Mother's house." Samuels nodded before he got the car into gear.

"So, about this meal...tonight. If I am expected to, you know..." Harper muttered blushing. James cocked his eyebrow. "Yes, my girlfriend." He said rather openly, Harper cringed looking over to Samuels to see if he heard. "Well, won't it...b-be ideal, if we knew about each other. Like colour in case we are asked." She mumbled biting her lip. James wetted his bottom lip, the urge to just scoot across to her and take those lips against his but instead he collected himself in an calm composure and said. "I see what your saying, okay then ask me questions."

"Favourite colour?" She asked. James scratched the slight stubble upon his chin. "Chestnut brown." Harper nodded taking note mentally.

"And yours?" He asked.

"Plum." She muttered, her cheeks flushing as James grinned cocking his eyebrow. "Erm, what about food?" She asked trying to distract away the fact her cheeks were red. James fiddled with his watch. "Chille Con Carne." Harper nodded." So you like spicy food?" James smirked. "I like everything spicy, things that spice up my life." His eyes trailed to her lips making Harper shuffle around in her seat. "Well...mines Pizza I...guess." She muttered. James nodded the amusement in his eyes as the car passed into the open countryside; not far from the main city though.

"Is this where you lived as a child?" She asked. James nodded scooting over to, Harper held her breath as he leaned over to point at something on her side. "That..." He muttered inches away from her face. "Is where I played as a child." Harper slowly turned her head to the grand mansion that came into view. It was immense, he sure lived in a grand environment she thought. The car pulled onto the cobble-stone pathway that extended all the way from the road up to Mansion. Samuels pulled up outside, it was half six exactly.

"My Mother a little to exicited at times." He muttered looking out the window. "Just be your self and relax." He smirked as Samuels opened his door. Harper bit her lip getting out her side, she was anxious. James walked around to her side extending his hand out to her. Harper hesistated before James reached out for her hand. "If we want to sell this then you need act like your madly in love with me." He muttered. Harper nodded, the irony of that was she madly in love with him she thought. As Samuels brought the luggage to the front door, James tilted her chin to face him. "Relax, honestly you will be fine." Harper nodded taking a breath as she clung her hand to his. Walking to the front door, a woman with a welcoming smile greeted them.

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