chapter 1

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"Guardians gather around. It is time for you to be assigned your gods and goddess." Our teacher told us.
"Sir, yes sir." We all lined up in a single file before the gods flashed in.
"Gods take your pick. Each guardian has been trained for this. Once you pick a guardian it is your job to name then."teacher told the gods.
The gods picked their guardians and I wasn't chosen.
(Zeus- male, Sky
Hera-female, faith
Hades-male, jack
Poseidon-female, Atlanta
Hestia- female, hope
Demeter-male, Steve
Aphrodite-male, Jacob)
They all flashed out and teacher turned to the last six of us and smiled.
" don't worry they are bound to have children and put them on the council so as we wait you can train to be better. We all smiled at that and headed off to the training room.

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