missed her . . .

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( 7 days later)
( Ivy POV)
The news got spread within a few minutes about zilan coming victorious after fighting with the xilis kingdom which was a tough one.
I was really happy for him although I haven't got much time to speak to him within the few days and today he wasn't around and I was sure he had gone to the casino at the outskirt of the kingdom.
"Ivy !!" Lily my best friend yelled as she yanked the room door open making me flinch "sorry"
"The prince is having an orgy Tonight and I was invited " she squealed happily as I stare at her, she was completely the opposite of me.she love giving prince a blowjob or any type of job and gets happy when they spank or fuck her "the orgy of a thing is getting too far though, just one week ago was prince xanthus and now it's zilan- I mean prince zilan" she added.
"You have to get use to it besides it's a male dominated fact about royalty"I lamented as she nodded and stood up.
"I have to get ready"she said about to leave but paused"my mum needs you to help her in making dessert"
"Alright I'll be going" I said and left but the truth is I was devastated,.
Why haven't I received my Invitation card yet? Did I annoy him besides I'm no longer an orgy detentionist .
I sighed as I made my way to the kitchen where different preparations were going on.
"Ivy come over here" lily's mom said as I fake a smile and walk towards her.
"Here you go, give it to the men at the barracks I'm sure they are thirsty"she said and gave me a tray of drink as I made my way into the barracks which was divided into three.
First of all the "top brass" it is for the abled men who are well trained with their powers and martial skills. secondly the "middle rank" are for those who are almost close to the top brass but needs to go through different battles to be qualified for the top brass.
Thirdly the low grade it is for those who got newly acquitted and just began their training.
I must say they all tried in playing an important role in the upbringing of the kingdom.
I was about leaving when I heard someone yell my name,I turned and was surprised to see Stavros.
He's my elder brother and I just found out last week, actually my parents were just a pair of idiots who fucked, give birth ,and when the child turn ten they'll sell them out to the palace.
I wonder how many siblings I have. . .
He was smiling as he waved at me, well I guess he was happy because he was now qualified to be in the top brass since he came victorious with zilan in the battle.
"I miss you so much"I hugged him and I must say he got some really good packs.
"I miss you too Ivy"he said and gestured me to sit beside him.
"So how's your training going. . . Are you able to control your powers now " I asked with a giggle as he glared at me nodding his head"that's cool"
"So what's your powers" he asked as I lowered my head, I felt like a total lost fool .
I just can't believe I don't know what my powers are and I'm seventeen like WTF!! Lily is a lily spring goddess, my brother is a fallen angel and I'm outrightly a lost freak.
I think he noticed my reaction so he sighed and hugged me"it's fine . . I was once like you and it's a casual thing , look at me I got my powers when I was 19 and now I'm 22 fully acquitted with my powers "
" Then when am I getting mine when I'm fifty or when I can't walk anymore"I yelled and he laughed "this is not funny you know" I said as he nodded frantically trying to stop laughing and I sighed sadly.
I know I'm not supposed to be yelling at him but what could I do.
I just feel lonely when my mate are showcasing their powers and I'm doing nothing.

( Zilan pov)
Ii returned from the casino and wanted to retire to bed for a while before the orgy begin but my vampire instinct kept telling me to go to the training section.
I stood up and strode out of the palace into the training section and the first thing my gaze caught was . . . . . . Ivy . . .
Was Stavros holding her hands as they chatted excitedly .
I felt so terse with rage as my eyes turn bright red.
Nonono what am I doing , I have to control myself.
I sighed as I approach them and they didn't even notice my presence , were they so engrossed in each other.
Seeing her laughing happily as they talked joyously made my heart love deprived, so she doesn't have a spot for me In her heart.
I scrambled up the invitation card I wanted to give her personally so we could create time to talk but it seems my effort were otiose.
I was about leaving when I felt someone engulf me in a hug.
I looked up and to my surprise it was her.
So she really didn't forget about me.
I really missed those warmth and her non stop talking most of all I missed her.
She looked up at me with those large aquarium eyes filled with affection as I hugged her back.

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