doubts about being a vampire

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(ivy POV)
He ran his hand across my hair and caress it lovingly as he cupped my cheeks making me stare into his irresistible eyes.
"Y-your h-, highness this is wrong " I stammered as he hung a strand of hair at the back of my earlobe as he brushed his thumb across my lower lip.
"Says who? huh" he said and lean forward for a kiss.
Shit! Feeling his tongue inside me gave me this tingling sensation I wouldn't want to stop.
The collision of our tongue tasted like strawberry mint.i wrap my hands around his neck not wanting him to stop rather do superfluous.
Damn! what was I doing, I've sworn not to loose my virginity but when it came to zilan ,his touch, his lips, his movement and his arcane eyes are too . . .  . Tempting.
I tried to push him away but his grip tightened as I felt my knees trembling.
Not now you stupid leg. . .
I was finally able to push him away and noticed a bit of frown on his face.
"Sorry"I muttered about to leave after the embarrassing scene I just caused but he held me back and pinned me to the door.
Was he going to force me into having sex with him, nonono. . .
I stare at him and noticed a glint of red in his eyes but I ignored it.
It is said that he was a vampire but no one has ever seen him in his vampire form, so I highly doubt that , but now I'm a bit scared.
"Let go of me"I struggled to reach for the door knob but he held my hand and lean forward placing his forehead on mine solemnly.
"Stay with me.." his voice seem melancholic but brook no argument as he hugged me.
How am I going to get out of here.
I was still ruminating in my thoughts when I felt a Sharp pain on my neck.
Did he just bite me.
I tried to scream but I couldn't ,the pain increased as everywhere became gusty and I went unconscious.

( Zilan POV)
After lying her on the bed I stare at her gentle face as she slept serenely.
I sighed and gave her a peck on the forehead and walked to the window.i don't know why I get this clingy feeling towards her and always wants her to be next to me but now I'll have to depart from her.
I stare at her face for one last time before leaving to get a drink when I bumped into my step brother xanthus .
"Where's Layla, lily or whatever her name is . . " He asked pissed up curtly
"It's ivy and I don't have  a clue about where she is" I gushed out coldly, glaring at him with proyxm of hatred.
"Stop faking it, I saw her going into your room earlier",he snorted as I chuckled darkly and there was an awkward silence between us before I finally spoke.
"To hell with you and your stalking"

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