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Heyy everyone reading this!!
So wanted to tell all the readers something about me.

So first of all I'm a college student which means sometimes I'll be really busy because of all the college work🤧but I'll try my best to update on regular basis.

(I'm writing all this as I'm some really big author🤡😭)

Now another thing, this whole thing was NOT PLANNED AT ALL. Thanks to all the insta edits of wattpad stories that finally encouraged me to do this. I just have characters in my mind and some scenarios which I'll write and try to make it read worthy. The story will purely be fictional.

Lastly I want to tell everyone that, I associate everything with songs and lyrics like everything, be it be the characters, situation, day to day life, everything
So most of the chapters will have song lyrics as dialogues, the characters would mostly express their feelings through lyrics. I'll mention all the songs whose lyrics I'll use.

English is not my first language.

Introduction to the characters will be out soon
Look forward to it 🤍

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Thank you~

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